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Honda CBR 150

honda cbr 150Honda CBR 150 R Price: Rs. 660,000
Image Credit: Atlas Honda Ltd.

Whenever the name Honda pops up on the screen, the level of trust suddenly reaches sky high. A company which has been in business for several years. They are not only providing quality products but the degree of innovation in their products is admirable. As we headed towards the fourth quarter of 2017, Atlas Honda already started to come up with great products. Lined up for their introduction in 2018.  Among such products is Honda CBR 150. For those who are unaware of what does CBR stands for, according to Honda it means Cross Beam Racer. However, more commonly the word stands for City Bike Racer. Under both the circumstances, the name itself does indicate what to expect from Honda CBR 150.

Honda CBR 150cc tagline is “start the thrill”, that certainly promises an extraordinary speed as well. This is not your everyday bike. Honda CBR 150 2018 model in Pakistan is something above and beyond.  Adding on, the exterior of the bike is breathtakingly beautiful. In addition to this, the sporty look of the bike is bound to hold attention. However, that is not it. Apparently, it looks like that every feature of CBR 150 is finely crafted to bring the best. Also, the bike is already bagging the title of being best ever bike manufactured by Atlas Honda. Furthermore, the bike does not only have Japanese technology but Honda CBR150 is not the product of Honda Pakistan. The bike is being made by Honda Japan and being imported to Pakistan as finished goods.

Not to mention the price of starting the thrill is way high. Since Honda CBR 150 2018 model in Pakistan is being imported from Japan. Therefore, the taxation and duties made the price rise drastically for this bike. Honda 150 CBR 2018 price in Pakistan is PKR.660,000. However, Honda CBR 150 for sale in Pakistan is readily available.  One can also easily find registered Atlas Honda dealers near them through the website and can purchase Honda CBR 150.

The WOW Techs

Honda CBR 150 have 149.4cc DOHC 4 Stroke Single Cylinder with advanced liquid cooling. The bike is also given 6-Speed Constant Mesh transmission. Along with all these technical specifications, the engine fuel system is PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) ensuring economical ride while speeding.  Suspension at the front is a telescopic fork and at back monoshock absorber. Further making the ride on this bike comfortable irrespective of the fact if one is riding on a bumpy or smooth road.

Moreover, the futuristic speedometer along with alloy wheels and secure ignition switch with key shutter makes this bike exceptional. Adding on, the design of the muffler is very elegant along with a 3-way catalyst converter, making this bike environmental friendly as well. Furthermore, the bore and stroke are 63.5 mm x 47.2 mm. It is no surprise that the starting of the bike is Self Starter – Electric Starter Motor. Moreover, the dimensions of the bike are 1977 x 695 x 1310 mm (LxWxH). The fuel tank capacity of this beauty is of 13.1 liters with a ground clearance of 190mm. Having a dry weight of 138 kg. All these factors add up to provide maximum stability and grip on the road. Lastly, the tires of the bike are tubeless. Due to this, the rider will not face any mishap in case of speeding and the tyre gets a puncture.


What not to talk about?

Keeping the exaggeration aside, CBR 150 has so much to brag about. It’s hard to figure out to what to focus on and what to leave behind.  The bike itself is the finest state of artistic beauty. The bike has gigantic crystal clear headlights in a new design. In order to compliment the headlights, Honda CBR 150 is given tail lights and winkers with an exclusive design. The lights of Honda CBR 150 are certainly an inspiration coming from New Generation Honda bikes. Such lightest have the brightest beam which also ensures that the road experience is over the top. Irrespective of the fact that at what time one is driving the bike. CBR 150 is given a huge silencer further adding to the posh look of the bike along with a distinct sound.

Honda CBR 150 is further available in an attractive series of colors to meet everyone’s taste. The bike is also available in pure black, white and red. All the bikes have a touch of black in the form of the seating area and the cowling. However, in order to add variation, Honda CBR 150 is given fine graphic stickers on each bike.

Why I used the word fine for graphics stickers? It is due to the reason that most of the bikes available in the market now do have graphic stickers. However, unfortunately, the majority of these bikes have very gaudy stickers. As a result, instead of adding elegance and beauty to the bike they further degrade its values. Fortunately, that is not the case with CBR 150. The bike is also given sleek graphics sticker in subtle color range maintaining CBR 150 class.

On the contrary, the cowling of the bike is full supporting as well as sporty. I must say that cowling is playing a very important role in the overall appeal of the bike. Adding on the heartthrob pentagon frame. The addition of this frame has further complimented the look, making the bike achieve the thrill at its best. Pentagon frames are naturally streamlined in shape which makes it convenient to speed up and convenience at its best.

honda cbr 150


Honda CBR 150 is one of the finest inventions by Atlas Honda. However, the price can be the main factor for this bike not doing too well in the country. Since the bike is quite expensive not because of what it has but due to applying too much taxes. Therefore, people may prefer getting a car by pitching in little more rather than spending on Honda CBR  On the other hand, there are diehard fans of the bike in the country who will prefer this bike. More or less, Honda  CBR150 turn out to be my personal favorite. Moreover, the bike is not only smooth in its specification but technically as well. Let us all hope that Atlas  Honda does something about the pricing of this bike.

honda cbr 150

Honda CBR 150 R 2019 Specification

Engine149.4 cc DOHC 4 Stroke Single CylinderDisplacement
Bore & Stroke63.5 x 47.2 mmCompression Ratio11.0:1
ClutchTransmission6-Speed Constant Mesh
StartingSelf StartFrame
Dimension (Lxwxh)1977 x 695 x 1310 mmGround Clearance190 mm
Petrol Capacity13.1 LtrTyre at Front
Tyre at BackDry Weight138 KG