Honda CBR150R in Pakistan | Price 2018 & Specs | Features|

Honda CBR150R in Pakistan

Edgy, rocky, built with strong angled frame. Honda CBR150R is Honda’s treat for the speedster boys waiting to control a beast of the roads. Designed with multiple colors which add attraction and show power of CBR 150, riding a sports motorbike was never so glamorous.

honda cbr150r
Image Credit: Atlas Honda Ltd.

Loaded with rich features – CBR 150 honors Honda’s brand and legacy of speed, delivery and ruggedness (durability). Built to last which gives pure value for money in terms of mileage and maintenance. CBR 150 is a cult sports racing motorbike engineered to give thrilling yet safer rides.

Honda CBR150R Specs & Features

Loaded with rich features, built in with high-durability of the Honda brand name, the sports motorbike delivers better than its previous CBR series.

Engineered with a powerful 9000 RPM (Revolution per Minute), the engine power is boosted to 12.6 kW – which gives you a gripping and road kissing ride. The tires support the powerful engine with a solid grip of the road. Front tire designed with 100/80, 100 being the width of the tire in millimeters and 80 being the aspect ratio of the tire profile, which is the height of tire is 80% of the width.  Normally, tires are 65% of aspect ratio, but as Honda CBR150R has 80% aspect ratio, the sidewall width too increases. The more the width, the more the grip your sports motorbike will have on the roads. This reduces the chances of accidents and motorbike slipping away. The turns will not be compromise until the driver is reckless and less experienced.

The back tire is 130/70, which is larger than the front, giving it more width for better speed and pickup. High-quality tires from Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli and Continental will be best for Honda CBR150R. Although, this will be an investment but you will have considerable delivery, speed and torque edge with higher performance better than ordinary tires.

Tires with traction help CBR 150 to maintain control and balance on the wet roads. Better and higher tread wear ensures longer tire life.

honda cbr150r
Image Credit: Atlas Honda Ltd.

HONDA CBR150R posts a torque of 13.7 Nm (Newton Meters) which is deliver at 7000 rpm. The sports bike is 1 cylinders. With 6-speed gears, achieving higher speeds on long drives gives you more mileage. Designed with 12 liter petrol tank, you will but have to stop frequently to fill up the gas. But that will cool down the engine. Usually cars’ engine have 4000 RPM, but CBR 150 has 7000 RPM giving a faster boost and pickup the bike.


Honda CBR150R but has a tough competition with Suzuki Gixxer and Yamaha R15. The three combine power, looks, performance and edge out each other by the smallest scale and even prices. Suzuki Gixxer has 154.9 cc engine, while Honda CBR150R posts around 149 CC. Engine Power of CBR 150 is more than Gixxer at 18.28 BHP (with engine’s 10,500 RPM). This is is way above than Suzuki’s 14.6 BHP (engine RPM of 8000).

Torque of Honda and Suzuki is nearly comparable with almost 13Nm for Honda and 14Nm, with CBR having 8500 RPM. Suzuki has air-cool system which can slow down the motorbike when the engine heats up. Whereas, Honda is liquid cool engine, which gives advantage.

The beauty of both Suzuki Gixxer and Honda CBR150R stand at best design – both giving looks of power and control. The angry looks are decorated on both the motorbikes. But engine and frame clearance of Honda CBR150R is better than Suzuki which has a skeletal covering of engine.

In looks, the Honda CBR150R looks more muscular than the slimmer Suzuki Gixxer.

Honda CBR150R Price in Pakistan

If we compare the pricing of the Honda CBR150R, the price is quite higher at Rs.660,000 to Rs.700,000. That compares directly with Suzuki Mehran 4 wheel car. But since it’s a sports bike, the HONDA CBR is a pure show of power, control, speed and sports personality.