Honda CD 70 2018 Price in Pakistan,Overview, Pictures & Video|

Honda CD 70 2018 Price in Pakistan,Overview, Pictures & Video

Honda CD 70 2018 Price in Pakistan,Overview, Pictures & Video

Honda CD 70cc 2018 Price: Rs. 65,500

Image Credit: Atlas Honda Ltd.

Honda CD 70 new model 2018 model is really a dream which is swinging to reality for all the motorcycle riders. The Honda CD 70 isn’t only a motorcycle. People know the Honda 70 to be the ruler of a large number of a motorcycle in the 70CC range. Honda CD70 has another new model 2018 which is greatly improved than the older Honda CD 70 2017 model.

In addition, the honda70cc has a tasteful and lively visor, an attractive speed meter. Moreover, it has a great road grip and soft leather seats for a decent ride. Make sure to go in the new time of motorbikes with the all new Honda Atlas CD 70. The Honda 70 has a slogan “Driving towards excellence.”

Honda CD 70cc is the most liked Japanese brand bike in the country. It comes with yet another new model with some high technology and tweaks. This would make the fans of Honda very happy with the latest release of 2018 model.  Furthermore, the new model  2018 of Honda CD 70 cc brings with it some amazing features and improved hardware and performance. It means that the riders will enjoy more energy with the economy. New Honda CD 70cc 2018 model is the most popular Motorcycle brand of Pakistan introduced by Atlas Honda Pakistan Ltd in mid 60’s. CD 70 is the premium brand of Atlas Honda and it is the largest selling motorcycle brand in Pakistan.

In addition to this Atlas Honda also introduced Honda CB 150F in 2017, which is competing in 150 cc motorcycles range.

We can say that new Honda CD 70 2018 model is among the high standard motorcycles in Pakistan. In addition to this CD 70 2018 Model has been an ideal choice for many bike riders of Pakistan for decades. Honda CD 70 is the best selling bikes because of the remarkable service network, hassle-free availability of spare parts, and warranty claim centers. In addition to this, it gives an extended warranty of 2 years, mentally relaxing the buyers. Atlas Honda Ltd is serving its clients with confidence for many years. Moreover, motorcycle mechanics also familiar with the Honda CD 70 technology and they can easily handle any mechanical problem in a motorbike.

Honda CD 70

Honda CD 70 – Manufacturer  –  Atlas Honda Limited

Atlas Honda is one of the best motorcycle manufacturers in Pakistan, and they started their operations in 1962. The Honda CD 70 is a gem, crafted by Atlas Honda and Honda Corporation Japan. In addition, the Atlas Honda is one of the greatest firm making amazing bikes and spare parts in Pakistan.

Each and everybody in the bike industry perceives Honda as the number 1 motorbike producers. Besides, everybody knows precisely how great the fine quality Honda bikes are. Even so, Honda makes a special effort to give the best quality, and after deals. Besides, it likewise gives great facilities and nation-wide back-up support services.

Honda CD 70 has taken the grandest customer trust and in addition the highest brand trust. According to the details on Wikipedia, the firm makes around 1.4 million+ solid bikes every year from 2 plants. 1.25m quality bikes are made in the Atlas Honda plant in Sheikhupura. Whereas, the remaining 200,000+ bikes are made in the tech-savvy plant of Karachi.

honda cd 70

Honda CD 70 Features

CD 70 has such a design, to the point that that lessens the air pressure and increases speed over the long haul. It has reliable and robust shocks. Even it works in harsh and extreme streets. It is popular for its subtle and delicate ride along the comfort it gives its rider. Indeed, even so, to drive the 70cc for a long time, one never feels tired. The Price of 70cc shocks is very economical. Similarly, its headlight and silencer is easily available at a very economical price.  Moreover, the parts of 70 are easily available at Atlas Honda 03 S dealers in Pakistan.

Every single one has diff options in their lives. Same goes for the color decisions with people. Thus, everyone needs diff colors when they buy a bike. All things considered, the CD 70 is available to buy in 2 colors. The first color is the shiny red. The second color is the silky black. However, Honda CD 70 2018 Black is very pleasant and appealing compare to the red one. The stickers on the motorbike further ads to its excellence.

So as to contend with the other 70cc bikes, the Honda 70 is all prepared. The Honda CD 70 is smooth, hot and very sharp. The general design of the cd 70cc is blend of a sporty bike and ordinary bike. Besides, the youth is very much in love with the state of the all new amazing 2018 model. In addition, the sexy new head light further adds to the appeal of the Honda 70.

 honda cd 70

Honda CD 70 – Euro II Technology

The Honda CD 70 2018 has been made much better although the Euro 2 technology was there in the models in the past. Moreover, the Atlas Honda has ensured that this bike would be environmental friendly as compared to its predecessors. This means there will be less smoke, which comes out from the emission of harmful substances. This would make the bike to consume less fuel and would prove to be economical.

Regardless of Euro 2 tech being there in previous models, this one is the best. Moreover, Atlas Honda Limited has make sure that Honda CD 70 2018 is environmental friendly. As a result, there be much less smoke. This way less harmful things would come out of the bike. Ultimately, the motorcycle will consume less fuel. Similarly, the New Model 2018 will be more economical to the consumers.

The 70cc 2018 faces a very low amount of friction from its powerful currents. That is possible because of the new aerodynamics. Reducing the friction will make the CD 70 more stable. It will also add a lot of speed to the bike.  Moreover, the bikers need this feature to help them in bad weather and bad roads.


Honda CD 70 – Engine

Honda points of giving the client a core of the most current tech with the Honda 70 2018 model. It has a solid 4 stroke engine which is air cooled. The 4 Stroke Engine installed gives also powerful drive even over roads that are not smooth. That implies that the Honda 70 won’t at all heat up. In addition, the cooling works sideways as one drives their fast bike for a long way. The Honda CD70 2018 runs is as fast as a cheetah running to have food.

It can also support a fat person to have an energetic ride. It is not true to say that greater power comes from high fuel consumption. Low fuel consumption of Honda 70 new model 2018 is due to the high technology it has. The fuel efficiency of Honda 70 will also help you to use your bike for commercial purposes. There would not be much difference carrying heavy loads which are a very good sign. However, this may affect the fuel consumption of Honda 70 a bit.

Honda CD 70 – Appearance

The engineers of Atlas Honda have worked a lot on the design of the seat to make it a pleasure ride for the customers. This is also a good option for those having to travel long distances on a daily basis. Another comfort yielding feature of Honda 70 is the powerful shock absorbers. Furthermore, This minimizes the effects of shocks caused on a bumpy road. Your body won’t experience a jolt, otherwise uncomfortable ride. It also gives a feast for your eyes making the design attractive and the oil tanks and other related parts. 70cc 2018 has black and red colors.

The bike would experience the least amount of friction from the powerful currents, with the improved aerodynamics. Reduction in friction would lead to making Honda CD 70 more stable other than adding to the speed of the bike. This is what the riders need in the hostile and hard weather conditions.

Honda CD 70 – Fuel Tank

The fuel tank of the cd 70 looks lovely. Also, it has capacity of 8.5 liters. Further,  70cc reserve capacity is 1.5 liters. Thus, one can go on longer drives without fretting over fuel finishing half way. All things considered, with only 1 entire fill, the Honda CD 70 will continue running for miles and miles. As a result, if buying Honda 70 2018, it will give you an excellent fuel average of 72 kilometers in 1 liter without any adjustment. Due to excellent fuel consumption per liter, hence it is an ideal choice in 70cc bikes for the riders.

Atlas Honda Pakistan has also introduced Honda CD 70 engine oil, available in all Honda 3S dealers in Pakistan.

Honda CD 70  2018 New Model Price in Pakistan

When purchasing a 70cc motorcycle in Pakistan, one frequently has a habit to do their homework with respect to the cost. In the meantime, if we talk about the Honda CD 70 2018 new model price in Pakistan is PKR 63,500. Honda 70 is in the scope of each 70cc motorcycle, not all that costly. Thus, individuals are purchasing the CD 70cc to an ever-increasing extent. It has turned into the general population favorite bike to purchase.

Buying used Honda CD 70cc can be verified from  MTMIS Pakistan


Honda CD 70 Specification

Engine4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air CooledDisplacement72 cc
Bore & Stroke47.0 x 41.4 mmCompression Ratio8.8:1
ClutchMultiple wt platesTransmission4-Speed
StartingKick StartFrameBackbone Type
Dimension (Lxwxh)1897Ground Clearance136mm
Petrol Capacity8.5 Ltr(Reserve 1.5 Litres)Tyre at Front2.25 – 17
Tyre at Back2.50 – 17Dry Weight82 KG