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Honda CG 125 vs Yamaha YBR 125

Honda CG125 VS Yamaha  YBR 125

Honda was taking complete advantage of it monopolistic power in the bike industry in Pakistan for ages. But almost a decade ago, it lost its edge in the market for its 70cc bikes when various Chinese companies came in. However, even then it ruled the motorbike industry in Pakistan for a couple of years more using its iconic CG 125. Fortunately, it was only until Yamaha made its venture in Pakistan by launching the Yamaha YBR 125.

If you are planning to buy a brand new 125 CC bike but are confused about which one to buy, worry no more as you have come to the right place. When comparing the two most popular and commonly 125 cc bikes in Pakistan, we must consider the looks first.

While the Yamaha YBR 125 looks all sporty and mean, the Honda CG125 looks nothing more than a 70cc on steroids. Yamaha YBR125 is designed to be both eye-catching and aerodynamic, hence creating a bold impression on the roads. Giving your CG 125 a sporty look would require a large number of modifications. Whereas Yamaha YBR 125 requires only a few including wide grip tires.

Since both Honda CG125 VS Yamaha YBR125 bikes feature a 125 cc engine. So there is no significant difference in their performances. However, they might perform very differently if both are running on different types of fuel. Both the bikes, however, do have an excellent acceleration and top speed.

No matter how aggressive and sporty YBR looks. It does not stand a chance against the CG 125 when it comes to the sound. As a former owner of a CG125, I must say there is no better sounding 125cc bike in Pakistan. If the Honda 125 has any edge over the Yamaha YBR, it is because of Honda’s unique sound.

honda cg125 vs yamaha ybr 125
Image Credit: Atlas Honda Ltd.

Maintaining either of these bikes is not an issue and only requires regular monthly trips. However, there is more than a slight difference in their resale values. As reselling a YBR could mean a loss of thousands of rupees while reselling a Honda does make much of a difference.