Honda CB 150F Price in Pakistan, Specs, Features & Video|

Honda Launches New Model Motorcycle CB150F in Pakistan

Atlas Honda has always managed to be a prominent figure in the motorcycle market. It never fails to be the center of attention for its loyal customers. Atlas Honda Limited proves to be amongst the number one motorcycle companies as it reaches the sales figure of 711,395 units from July 16’ – March 17’. However, Atlas Honda Ltd. has always been up to the mark for offering its users an array of choices and for that it keeps on enhancing its product line with high-end models in order to meet the customer’s requirements.As the list of choices is increasing day by day for the motorcycle users, the riders are becoming more and more demanding and choosy. They opt for buying the best possible vehicle for them.Recently Atlas Honda Launches New 2017 Model Motorcycle Honda CB 150F in a 150cc range in Pakistan. Watch  Video

Meanwhile, as compared to old time people are getting very much aware of the technology and what is best for them because of the boost in the internet world. Just one click and you get all the information about anything one might want to survey about. People are getting smarter and smarter and it is no more a piece of cake for the companies to fool the audience with their clever tricks. Even the rider who is novice is smart enough now, to judge a motorcycle’s features or what quality it might be offering. Keeping all these facts in mind,

Atlas Honda is also smart enough to always come up with something which is unique and quality oriented something which can grab as much attention it can and which can win the hearts of the users with its amazing features.  It never compromises on quality and hence always remains the trustworthy one.

Honda Launches New Model Motorcycle Honda CB 150f 2017  in Pakistan:

honda cb 150f
Image Credit: Atlas Honda Ltd.

Now wrapping up the general discussion and coming to the main point which is the up to the minute news. Atlas Honda Limited Launches its amazing masterpiece i.e. the Honda CB 150F 2017 after offering its successful models in the category of 70cc, 125cc, and most prominent 1000cc bike. Some of the apparent features of this unique 150cc bikes contain 150cc engine obviously, which is mated to a five-speed gearbox. Furthermore, Honda CB 150F offers front disk brakes and alloy wheels. It has a 12 V battery which makes it a very reliable motorcycle. Honda CB 150F is both electric and kicks start bike.

What is so amazing about Honda CB 150F 2017?

It is obvious that there are other companies as well which offer 150cc bikes which also have amazing features. The question which might bang into the smart audiences’ minds is that what is so amazing about Honda CB 150F which stands it apart from other motorbikes and which might make it the most chosen bike over others.

Well here is the answer to this question; Honda has manufactured this 150cc Honda CB 150F bike with the latest technology plus it will be the steadier ride than ever. Not just that but Honda CB 150F is the best fuel economy in its class. The best thing about Honda CB 150F 150cc that differentiates it from the other motorbikes is its unprecedented safety, security features. It is the most useful features for the riders of Pakistan. As we all know how unsafe it might be to ride the bikes on the busy roads of our country.

Atlas Honda makes sure to use all latest safety and security features in CB 150F. As this is never used before and which are made keeping in mind the combination of the rough roads of Pakistan. In addition to this, Honda CB 150F has excellent top speed.

Honda CB 150F 2017 Model Features:

  • Honda CB 150F Inherent Turbo Engine Technology
  • ASV and ACV used for best engine performance
  • High-Performance Self Start System using multiple roller bearings and spark-less brushes
  • 5-speed Constant Mesh
  • Non-cyclic Transmission for smooth gear shift
  • Maintenance Free powerful backup battery
  • Die cast “Z Section Spokes” alloy rims
  • The magnetic ignition protection, which makes sure that only the original key is used to operate the bike.
  • Front Disk Brake
  • Car type speedometer visibility
  • Strong tail protection
  • Protective chain guide system
  • Honda 150 will provide a Fuel mileage of up to 50 kilometers in one litre.

Furthermore, its stylish and sleek design makes it an eye-appealing motorbike. Honda CB 150F offers different colors just as the way a rider wants. Its seats are comfortable that makes the ride comfortable for the rider but also for the partner. In short, each and everything used it in the making of Honda CB150F is of fine quality.  All of this might still not enough to prove what is so amazing about Honda CB 150F 150cc.

After mentioning all of these astonishing features of CB150f, which can win the heart of any intelligent rider. In fact, there is surely one question left which is yet unanswered which might have that is the price. All the audience surely wants to know that with all of these  features what might be the price of CB150f. So here is the answer for that too; at the launching interview, AHL General Manager (Plants) Afaq Ahmed said: “Atlas Honda Limited launched a new motorcycle at a price tag of Rs159,000.  Honda CB150F will target the high-end segment of the market with a 150cc engine.”Well, it is a highly competitive price as we all can see.

Conclusion of Honda CB 150F

Summing up the whole discussion it will not be unfair to say that AHL has taken step by introducing  150cc. It will surely give quite a solid competition to the existing market players. Interestingly this bike is not restricted to urban users. As its features will enable to create new market currently dominated by Chinese Players.

Honda CB 150F 2017 price in Pakistan is RS: 167,000