Honda Pridor 2018 Model Price in Pakistan & Specs |

Honda Pridor 2018 Model Price in Pakistan |

Experience the sense of pride with new Honda Pridor 2018 ! A perfect amalgamation of style and power. Honda Pridor 2018 is certainly a dream come true for an adventure lover. Atlas Honda has lived up to the expectations of buyers by launching the successor of Honda CD 100, in the form of Honda Pridor. It comes in improved design, aerodynamics, better mileage, and fuel efficiency. With the assistance of 4 strokes OHV engine, the rider can take Honda Pridor on various types of terrains. It comes in red and black colors. It is available in 86,500 PKR all over Pakistan.

Honda Pridor 2018 Outlook & Design

The new Honda Pridor 2018 is a state of the art vehicle from Honda. Having a quick glance at the features, it has a comfortable standard height with a relaxing seat that can support the rider in a long journey. The rider can overcome the hurdles of bad road conditions due to the availability of powerful shocks.  Stylish bright masked headlight on the front along with indicators and silencer add to the superb bike impression. Dashboard design speedometer is also modifying from the predecessor. Winkers and backlight are also modified for a sophisticated sporty bike look. Honda Pridor contains immediate kick start and finest acceleration that takes minimum time to kick start and Go!

Honda Pridor 2018 Technical Edge

Apart from outlook, Honda Pridor 2018 is definitely an ideal bike for those who look for better mileage. Fuel tank capacity is up to 9.7 liters of petrol which increases due to advanced engine technology. A single refill is enough to take you to 100 miles. It can run up to 60 plus kilometers in 1 liter.  Honda Pridor 2018 can certainly reserve 1.5 liters of petrol in its fuel tank. This is definitely a big TURN ON for the long journey riders.


With improved designs and technical features that give optimum performance, Honda Pridor is also attractive for genuine adventurous bike lovers. It is ready to take on the sturdy roads of Pakistan to give you a comfortable riding experience.