Honda Co. Recall 2.1 Million Honda Cars due to Fire Risk |

Honda Recall 2.1 Million Cars due to Fire Risk

Honda is a Japanese Automobile Company famous for its automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment. It is among the largest Automobile manufacturers in the world. It was the first automobile manufacturer to introduce a luxury car in the year, 1986. Customer satisfaction has always been their ultimate goal. Therefore, they try to invest as much as possible on research and development. Honda invests 5.7% of its revenue on research and development, this makes it a whopping US$6.8 million. It helps them to provide what the customers are demanding. This is the major reason of Honda becoming one of the largest exporters of cars in the world.

Fire Issue in Honda

Honda has always attracted people due to the after sales service the company provides to its users. You all will definitely know that there has been an issue in the Honda Accord cars and they have a risk of fire. They have openly said that they will recall all the cars and try to solve this issue. It states that the recall includes almost 1.15 million cars in the United States and 1 million in the rest of the world. This recall is to replace a 12-volt battery sensor.

Road Salt- a Major problem

The company has reported that it is taking action because it has already received complaints regarding this issue. This problem is mostly faced in the countries that use road salt in winter. The company also had to go through numerous warranty claims. The company still states that the problem is not going to solve completely. This is because, overtime, moisture introduces road salt and other material into the battery sensor. Therefore, it makes the sensor rusty and eventually leads to electrical shorting. As millions of cars are recalled, this issue will be temporarily fixed, and the sensor would be replaced later. The first claim the company received was of an engine compartment fire, the issue was investigated. Moreover, this issue again came through a claim from China. This made Honda introduce a new design battery sensor.