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Atlas Honda is one of the best motorcycle manufacturers in Pakistan. The Atlas Honda offers a wide range of motorcycles. It includes CD70, CG125, and CBR150. Moreover, the Atlas Honda started production in the year 1970 and is currently the leading company of its type. Furthermore, the company operates under two plants, one in Karachi and the other in Sheikhupura. Sheikhupura plant being the main as it produces 1.2 million units from the total of 1.35 million. The remaining production is completed in Karachi. In addition to this, Srilanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan are the biggest importers of Atlas Honda. The wide range of motorcycles produced by AHL follows:

Honda CD 70cc

The Honda CD 70CC offers an amazing durability and affordability for its customers. CD 70 has a 4 stroke and single cylinder engine. Therefore, Honda 70CC is one of the best selling bike of its kind which promises fuel efficiency and a top speed of 60 miles per hour. Many changes have been made to the latest 2019 model of CD70 like the logo stickers, indicators, headlights, and speedometer etc.

Honda CG 125cc

CG 125 is ranked as the most well-known bike among buyers. It is because of the unique design and speed it offers. CG 125 consists of a 4 stroke overhead valve single cylinder engine which makes the bike even more competitive to others in the market. The CG 125 has a 9.2 liter fuel tank which is a slight increase than the normal 70CC but with low mileage. One reason for low mileage is the powerful engine of this bike.

Honda CBR 150cc

To keep up with the new technology and time, AHL came up with a new model CBR150 in the year 2002. However, it started from exporting it to many countries. This bike is a sports model with 4 stroke liquid cooled 150cc engine and a 6 gear transmission. It is much different from the everyday motorcycles on the roads of Pakistan. This CBR150 comes in three vibrant colors red, blue and green.