ITP - Islamabad Police start drive for Bike Helmets |

Islamabad Police start drive for Bike Helmets

Cars may give out harmful gasses, for example, carbon dioxide which contributes in the worldwide temperature alteration and climate change, Some air toxins and from the cars can be stored on the sand and the water surface where they enter the human body that can influence, the respiratory, the reproductive, the immune and the neurological frameworks. Cars and bikes also cause the smoke which contains an amount of certain dangerous synthetic concoctions released by the vehicles into the air, the harmful synthetics from the autos can cause problems in the eyes, the nose, the throat and the lungs.

Islamabad is a beautiful country and to keep up the solid condition, the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has begun fabulous task against vehicles that give out dangerous outflows of smoke, and drivers utilizing pressure horns. For this reason, a request has been given to the District superintendent police (DSPs) of each of the four zones of the city.
Exceptional squads will be positioned at terrifically critical focuses, and they will be in charge of strict action against smoky vehicles and pressure horn users. The squads will present an answer to SSP Police on an everyday schedule. It is without a doubt a decent advance by the specialists. In any case, these sorts of activities just succeed when individuals team up with the specialists and submit to the law.
Besides making a move against smoky vehicles and autos with pressure horns, the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) is additionally taking strict measures against bikers, who don’t wear a helmet for protection while riding the motorbikes.
The police have issued 96964 tickets to motorcycle riders who ride without a protective cap, while seized 4532 motorbikes too. ITP isn’t just making a strict move against bikers who don’t wear a protective cap, they are also taking actions against drivers who are utilizing tinted glass vehicles.