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Japanese Company Plans to Launch Electric Rickshaws in Pakistan

Import of electric rickshaws in being planned by one of the Japanese company. However, the only hurdle which seems to occur is a high duty on CKD or CBU units. It actually means that the product can be imported in parts but the assemble need to be done in Pakistan. However, if anyone desire to import finished automobile heavy duty tariff is to be paid. The Japanese company is constantly requesting the government to make the condition flexible for electric rickshaws only. The issue of pollution is turning into major concern now. At one point where these electric rickshaws are need of time. On the other hand, one can not overlook that the country has serious electricity issues.

Furthermore, a special request was made for Japanese company by Board of Investment (BOI) to Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). In the request, BOI asked FBR to dissolve issues pertaining to the tax of Japanese Investors. Also to look into the matter of delayed refund payments.

Moreover, BOI also made another request in favor of Japanese companies that the tax conditions should be reconsidered. The taxes should be removed for profits which are undistributed as this makes the investor hesitant to invest. The proposal has been sent to FBR for approval and consideration.