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KIA RIO Enters in Pakistan

Kia Motor which is originally a South Korean brand entered Pakistan market quite a while ago.  The brand which was initially established in 1944 turned out to be the second largest company established in South Korea. Ever since the brand anchored its root in Pakistan, the car passionates were going gaga over it. The icing on the cake, recently the brand also displayed one of its finest car in its showroom. The company showcased its famous Kia Rio in its showroom. A hatchback car which made its debut in 2000 and ever since the car is unstoppable. A small car yet spacious and easy to squeeze through small spaces especially if one is living in the metropolitan city. Moreover, the practical features and specifications of the car make every car enthusiast go head over heels. Similar was the scenario when Kia Rio was put on display in its showroom in Pakistan. A large crowd turned to the showroom with a handful of queries. The top FAQ by the crowd was the release date of Kia Rio car in Pakistan.

Kia Rio which is soon to be officially released in Pakistan is expected to have an estimated price of PKR.1.4million. The price PKR.14lac is exclusively for Rio Kia 1.0L variant and not for the 1.4L variant. However, it is worthy to mention here that the Rio Kia car which is being displayed is a 1.4L variant. Adding on, the assembly of the car is done in Korea. Therefore, it will be safe to say that the car is partially made in Korea. Once the car enters the market, it can certainly give tough competition to the current players in the market.  Moreover, the monopoly of Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki in the region can be under serious threat.

On the other hand, Kia Rio plans onto start assembling the car in Pakistan in order to reduce supply chain process. This news is not met with great excitement by the audience. Firstly because as a nation we have a better perception of things which are imported. Secondly, customers believe that the company may reduce car features if assembled in the region due to numerous reasons. Also, there are higher chances that the price of the car might be increased.

The Kia Rio available on the market at the moment is 4th Generation. The features and specifications of the car are good enough to compete with any similar nature car. Although the car is hatchback at the same time the design of the car is not compromised. It has sporty look with a spacious interior. The car is expected to be available in three variants, S, EX, and LS. Also, in order to meet the market need Kia plans for launching 1.0 engine in the region.

Some of the attractive features of Kia include Bi Projection Headlights with the better illumination of course. Along with electric folding mirrors, sunroof, full folding passenger seats, A/C, USB connections and tilt steering. The car has six airbags, 3.5inch LCD, antilock braking system as well as parking distance warning reverse. In short, the car is equipped with all the modern technology features.