KMPlus Fuel Saving Additive Launched in Pakistan |

KMPlus Fuel Saving Additive Launched in Pakistan

KMplus fuel additive is an eco-friendly and harmless fuel additive. It helps the engine to improve performance, reduction in the maintenance cost, and increase the life of the engine. Moreover, it provides fuel savings up to 35% for diesel and petrol engines for generators, trucks, cars, motorcycles, and buses etc. It is made up of a matured and well-researched formula, making it non-flammable. When burnt with fuel, it leaves no ash or gum behind.

As you all are aware of the fact that fossil fuel remains is one of the sources of energy. However, the KMplus fuel additive answers the question of all these fossil fuel problems. The benefits that you receive from this are discussed below.

Benefits to the Car/ Motorcycle owner and Environment

Above all, the KMplus makes you save a lot of cost. It helps you to achieve higher mileage with each liter of fuel. Moreover, it helps to reduce the maintenance cost of your vehicle. This happens as it aids in reducing the car to tear and wear. It automatically cleans the engine, which helps the engine to have a higher lifespan. Furthermore, this also helps your engine to reduce or even stop making noise and causing vibration.

Moreover, if you look at a broader advantage, it helps to reduce Air Pollution and Global Warming on the surface of the earth. You might be thinking, how does this happen? The answer to this is really simple. As you use more KMplus fuel additive, it emits less toxic gases and black smoke. This also emits less Carbon Dioxide per kilometer for complete combustion. This makes you an eco friendly citizen.

KmPlus Quality Control

You might not know that providing quality products to the customers has always been the ultimate goal of KMplus. For this, we have never stayed back in investing in the state of art technology. We ensure that all the raw materials meet our quality standards. Any issue in our product, and we know that it will lead to the customers shifting to competitors’ products. This is a major reason why we have hired staff to especially check the end products and then sell it to the customer.