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Korean Auto Company Launching Premium SUV’s in Pakistan 2019

In the recent years, there has been the number of manufacturers who have been introducing their cars in the local market. One is certainly able to witness different brands cars in all shapes and sizes. Daehan Shehroze has recently been spotted on the roads of Pakistan. Followed by another good news for car passionate, Ssang Yong Motor Company (SYMC) have recently visited the country. Those who are unaware, it is one of the most popular South Korean Company.

They have been particularly involved in manufacturing SUVs. They plan on extending their business in Pakistans market introducing premium SUVs. The recent trip to Pakistan of SYMC  dignitaries involved finalizing plans with Daehan Dewan Motor Company (DDMC). In this meeting, SYMC and DDMC discussed their future plans along with the aim of introducing SMYC premium SUVs. These exclusive Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) will be available in the market by the first half of next year, 2019.

SUVs in Pakistan

Moreover, the overall Automobile industry in Pakistan seems to be getting better. There is number of international companies who are willing to enter Pakistan market. On the other hand, recent mergers Nishat and Hyundai plan on expanding as well. Just like SYMC, they even plan on launching luxurious new cars along with sports utility vehicles (SUVs). Few of the vehicles which are anticipated to come in the market includes Hyundai Verna, Elantra, and Hyundai Tucson.

Furthermore, Sang Yong Motor Company (SYMC) was founded approximately 65years ago. Overall this time, SYMC has managed to establish a name for itself. It is pertinent to mention here that SYMC is among fourth largest automobile manufacturers in South Korea. They are particularly known for bringing continuous innovation in their products followed by advanced features and specifications. Leaving their target market completely mesmerized and in love with the cars.

SYMC on their visit also visited auto assembly plant of Dewan Farooq Motors Limited (DFML). This also makes one assume that probably SYMC is planning for collaboration with DFML. However, whatever the reasons were this does assure that Automotive Development Policy- ADP 2016-2021 is certainly proving to be effective. This is due to ADP only that number of renowned manufacturers are now turning to Pakistan. This will further be fruitful for the economy of the region.

Furthermore, SYMC will be coming up with sports utility vehicles SUVs in Pakistan. The few of premium SUVs by the company includes Rexton Sports, Tivoli, Rexton, and XLC.  XLV and Tivoli are expected to be assembled at DFML with the assumed price of 2 million.