Lahore Traffic Police Distributes Free Helmets in Lahore City |

Lahore Traffic Police Distributes Free Helmets

On Saturday, 28th July 2018, Lahore Traffic Police propelled a ‘Wear Helmets, Ride Safely’ crusade to make mindfulness with respect to wellbeing and significance of wearing a protective cap while driving or cruising on a bike out and about. Locals and experts in Pakistan are taking activities to spur and teach bikers to wear a protective helmet and don’t put their lives and the lives of other individuals in peril. Additionally, Lahore Traffic Police started a crusade and circulated these protective caps among neighborhood and local bikers at Liberty indirect.

As indicated by the Traffic Police Officers, at first, more than 2,000 free protective caps will be dispersed. The fundamental driver of death among bikers isn’t wearing a protection while riding a bike, and which is the reason the experts have brought the issue into their hands by giving free head protectors. This activity won’t be effective without the cooperation of bikers themselves. Along these lines, make sure to wear a head protector helmet and spare yourself from any repulsive circumstance.

While talking on the occasion, Chief Traffic Office Captain (retd.) Liaquat Ali Malik expressly said that wearing the protective cap while riding the motorbike is a general law and whoever oversteps the law will be managed as needs are.

Furthermore, he additionally stated that after the second seven day stretch of August, bikers would not be permitted to drive their way through the streets of Lahore, on the off chance that they are not wearing the protective helmet. Life is valuable so monitor it securely, he included.

Beside the Lahore Traffic Police(LTP), the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), a year ago in October, propelled a security mindfulness crusade and made it obligatory for the one sitting at the back on the motorbike, to wear a head protecting helmet. Lahore Traffic Police Distributes Free Helmets in Lahore City.