Mega Carry 2018 Launched by Pak Suzuki in Pakistan 2018 |

Mega Carry 2018 Launched by Pak Suzuki in Pakistan

If one looks at the automobile market of Pakistan, it is growing at a very fast speed. Similarly, the competition to create the best and latest models in the local market is rising. All things considered, Pak Suzuki Motors is amongst the best automaking company in the country. Moreover, it is already giving the market some of the best models. In addition to its great vehicles, it is launching a new model. It has launched its latest and most innovative all-new Suzuki Mega Carry. This mega carry van was launched on November 20th, 2017.

This Suzuki Mega Carry comes with the most high tech and state of the art tech in it. It is basically a commercial vehicle. Moreover, it serves the purpose of a carry pick up. This is designed to make the transport process of goods and products easier. The Suzuki mega carry comes with a 2 person seating capacity in its front cabin. Moreover, it has a great engine of 1493 cc. In addition, it comes with the Euro II latest tech. Furthermore, its engine is a petrol run engine. As a result, it is a great option for a commercial carry pick up vehicle.

Furthermore, the mega carry pick up has a strong and robust suspension. Moreover, since its euro ii, it will be much more fuel efficient. In addition to this, the new Mega Carry will give a threat to other companies. Firms like Hyundai, Shahzore and FAW will be at a direct threat. It is expected to get the major market share of the market.

In the same way, the Suzuki Mega Carry has a 1670 X 2450 mm loading deck. Furthermore, it has a loading ability of 750 kg. As a result, it is very good for the consumers. In addition, it comes with seat belts and two side mirrors. Similarly, the Mega Carry has a great ground clearance. Furthermore, it has a great petrol capacity. Its Petrol tank capacity is 46 liters, which is simply great for its caliber.

A great factor is that it has a good design. Its exterior is very sleek and slim. It is more or less similar to the shape of a normal Suzuki pick up. The price of the all new Mega Carry is decent not too much. Its price is PKR 15,000,00 Lacs. The news is great as the new pickup will surely help a lot of companies in its loading work.