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Metro MR 125 2019

metro mr 125
Metro 125

Metro 125cc Price Rs: 75,600
Image Credit: Ohad Motors

Metro motorcycles are relatively new in the market. The company has introduced a total of six bikes at the moment. Almost all these bikes have Chinese technology including in Metro MR 125 cc as well. Metro mr 125 is the company’s latest launch. The first thing one is bound to notice about metro 125cc is its appearance.

The bike in its appeal looks powerful and durable. Also, it certainly looks more spacious than most of the bikes in the market. Having the power of Metro MR 125 cc, the bike can be said to be targeted more towards the youngsters. Since Metro MR 125 cc is offering features which have not been offered earlier by any other company. Metro MR 125 price is also kept nominal following the company’s quality policy. Metro 125cc  2018 price in Pakistan is PKR.75600. The price may sound little high to few customers but I believe it is not. Considering the exceptional features this bike is offering along with after sales service.


Metro bikes are being manufactured by a local company Ohad Motors Pvt Limited, based in Lahore. The general policy of the company is pretty simple believing that the best policy is practicing honesty. This says a lot about company integrity and what to expect. A statement like this ensures its customers that they can rely on the products coming from this company. As there are a handful of people in our country which belief in following honesty mantra. The vision of metro bikes is little vast. Aiming to be global leaders in the vehicle industry. This may work in favor of consumers. As in order to compete in the international market, they have to keep their standards really high. Resulting in improved quality and products with great innovation.

One thing is exceptionally good about metro motorcycles manufacturer. They believe in providing durability in a cost-effective way. This means that purchasing their bikes will be a fruitful investment, yet economical. Moreover, the company further focuses on research and development which not many local companies focus on. Continuous research and development provide chances for innovative products. Last but not least, Ohad Motors Pvt Limited is a company which is socially responsible. Manufacturing bikes which are energy efficient and eco-friendly. So next time when you race your bike, the guilt trip of emitting pollution will be slightly less.

Metro MR 125cc

Metro  125 cc is a motorcycle suitable for all age groups. However, it can be said to work in favor of youth and middle-aged men more. In addition to this Metro MR 125 cc is designed with the great thought process behind. keeping in mind all the requirements and needs of the riders. It very surprising to see that first time a bike in Pakistan is offering wifi link.  So that one never has to be offline again. An important mail from colleague or Whatsapp message from CEO, all will be in check.


Metro 125cc has a normal OHV 04 stroke single cylinder air cool engine. The catch of the bike is that it comes with a Euro 2 technology engine. Having euro 2 enables metro 125cc to be environmentally friendly to some extent. Since it emits less carbon dioxide as compared to other vehicles of the same power.

Moreover, the frames coming from metro motorcycles are usually durable. This is the case with this motorcycles as well. The frame is heavy -duty and can absorb shocks. Making it favorable for long drives. Also, can work as the first line of defense against minor bumps. As we all are well aware of road situations in our country. Therefore, riders are on a constant lookout for the vehicle which offers comfort. If you think you are among one of them then metro 125cc could be for you. Along with comfortable seats, the dimensions of a bike are impressive.  Having dimensions of 1897 x 751 x 1014 (LxWxH).

Fuel tank capacity of metro MR 125 cc is something which did not amaze. Having a capacity of only 8.5litres which is less as compared to an average bike. Reserving 1 liter helping its riders to get through emergency situations when the bike runs out of petrol. The dry weight of the bike is approximately 85kgs. There may be a variation of 2kgs as stated by the company. Ground clearance of 135mm which is again good adding to the stability of bike on the road. Furthermore, the displacement of a bike is the same as almost every bike of 72cc. Metro MR 125 cc is a bike which needs to be kick-started, having wet – clutch type. The bike also comes with a powerful battery of 12V. Moreover, bore and stroke of metro 125cc are 47 x 49.5 mm. Ignition type is also CDI. Size of the front tire is 2.25 – 17, whereas back ire size is 2.50 – 17.

Metro MR 125 Features

Metro MR 125 cc is also a bike which is built with a basic frame of backbone type. This is indeed the most common frame type due to economic and convenience reason. Cost effective to build and easy to use by riders. Just like most of the bikes, metro 125 cc is available in basic two colors of red and black. The attractive, chunky graphics have been added to its fuel tanks. However, the company is offering one year warranty almost double to its competitors.

Followed by an amazing offer that there is no limit of kilometers. No matter if you covered 6000kms or 12000kms within a year, the warranty will still be valid. Along with wifi link, metro 125cc also have mobile phone charger facility. The company for some reason has taken special care of rainy weathers. They are not only offering free raincoats with purchase of Metro MR 125 cc but the seat is made of waterproof material as well. Also, the side stand comes with an alarm. Another exclusivity of metro 125cc is that fuel tank, side covers, and seat assembly can be changed only in PKR.1500 for the first five years after purchase.

Metro  125cc is a good bike. Apparently, it looks like that this bike has been designed with great interest. taking care of all the ambiguities. Also, the price is nominal and is priced next to its competitors. Metro MR 125 has a great warranty offer and spare parts can be purchased from company website easily. In short, Metro 125cc is a hassle-free ride.



metro mr 125
Color Black

Metro MR 125 2019 Specification

EngineOHV Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, Single CylinderDisplacement124 cc
Bore & Stroke56.5 x 49.6 mmCompression Ratio9.0:1
ClutchManual wet multi-plateTransmission4 Speed Manual, Continuous, Forward
StartingKick StarterFrameDiamond Type Steel
Dimension (Lxwxh)1900Ground Clearance140 mm
Petrol Capacity10 LtrTyre at Front2.50 – 17
Tyre at Back3.00 – 17Dry Weight110 KG