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Motor Bike Race Trend in Pakistan

All the sequels of Fast and furious were greeted with open hands by the generation of Pakistan. This could be either the possible reason for increasing bike race trends in Pakistan.  Results in imitation of what they see on screens. Also, this can be a fair indication of great fondness for our youth for heavy bike or sports bike race. The local bike race is now being practiced in almost every area of the country.

Young adults are trying their luck and rushing their adrenaline through heavy bike race. In almost all the abandoned streets or anywhere which can be possibly turned into racing street. However, the bike race trend is at the peak like never before. On the contrary, it is sad to see that there are no proper tracks where people can enjoy their sport. It is said, that there was a track in Bahria Town specially designed for the bike race. Soon after it was closed due to some unforeseen incident. After that, the illegal bike races continued. Also, we all are well aware of all the illegal racing tracks operating in different regions of Pakistan. Especially the Karachi race track in Phase.8. Over the weekend’s adults from different areas gather. Pitch in money and try their luck. Eventually whoever wins the race gets the cash price.

Let it be Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad.  Bike race sports is being practiced in all the major cities of Pakistan. Who knows maybe even in the rural areas. Also, the number of bikes which are sold in this country every day. Further indicates that there will be an increase in the number of racers in this country in near future. Surprisingly, age does not play a major role. Mostly children and young adults are found actively involved in this sports. Since it gives them a sense of thrill and adventure. Followed by if they win the race a feeling of accomplishment.

Irrespective of time or place. Our youth just need a handful of passion to press that accelerator a little longer. Overtake another bike with a sprinkle of attitude and he is in the race. In a blink of an eye, a nominal road turns into a perfect racing track. Motorcycles having a power of 100cc or more. Then people are using motorcycles from 1994 models to 2017 one. Updating their vehicles with a handful of specifications and voila, it’s good to go.

The beauty of bike race in Pakistan is that this nation is overloading with talent. A person can spend millions on a motorcycle aiming to win sports bike race. On the other hand, a random guy will refurbish 90s motorcycle, spice it up with nitro oxide. Add a tint of graphics and it will equally be good as your newly imported motorcycle. Conversely, who knows this 90 model may also win the race.

Honestly, there is no harm in bike racing as we as a nation hardly have anything for youth entertainment. Also, bike race is practiced around the globe. For some reason we as nation stigmatize everything. The issue should be how to channelize this talent into something useful. Benefiting both the individual and nation. However, it should be done safely and in order to be safe. Government or private associations as well can make tracks with certain rules. This will allow youngsters to follow their interest at the same time be safe. Just in case of a mishap first aid can be provided immediately and so on.