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Leading Motorcycle Engine Oil Brands in Pakistan

Not long ago, motorcycle engine oil brands was looked upon as a necessary thing by the local. Many bike owners did not realize its important but fortunately, the trend is changing. People now have knowledge that motorcycle engine oil increase life of motorcycles. Followed by another fact motorcycle engine oil promotes smooth running of a bike and decrease maintenance of bike substantially. For the little bit of background knowledge, motorcycle oil is a lubricant which improves engine quality. Not only that it further helps in preventing engine against rust and sometimes even help to cool the engine.

At the moment there are number of motorcycle engine oils brands available in the market. Both having petroleum base and non- petroleum base. Certain of them further have been manufactured with help of polyinternal olefins, polyalphaolefins or hydrocarbons. Now which motorcycle engine oil brands is best for your bike is another question to consider.  As you must be aware of the fact that an engine oil brands which is best engine oil brands for the 125cc bike.  However, will certainly not be best engine oil brands for Honda cd 70. This is the main reason that number of motorcycle engine oils brands are available in the market. There are different motorcycle oils for every type of engine as well. For instance, the best 4 stroke engine oil brands for the motorcycle will be different than best engine oil for a 150cc bike.

Choosing the good quality and suitable motorcycle engine oil is extremely important. There have been incidences where an engine oil from an unknown company ruined the motorbike engine. Therefore, one should certainly not purchase a motorcycle engine oil only because it’s cheap but inquiring about is important. Let’s discuss few of the popular brands in the market. Also, the engines or bikes they are suitable for. Not to forget there is often continuous ties between these brand.

Leading Engine Oil Brands



Among the many brands available in the market Havoline motorcycle engine oil is very popular. They have been in the market for several years and one of the reasons for having many loyal customers. Their motorcycle engine oil is considered best for both 70cc and 125cc motorcycles. Due to being little expensive many people tend to switch to cheap alternatives. As a result, the motorcycle engine suffers.


The company has been making excellent fully synthetic motorcycle engine oils. For both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. Castrol gtx have particular recognition in the market, which works well to remove build ups. The company also have an entire range of 4 stroke engine oil for the motorcycle. Castrol power1 v-twin full synthetic motorcycle oil and Castrol power1 4t full synthetic motorcycle oil, however the first one is more exclusive. One can make consider Castrol power1 v-twin as an occasional oil when the bike needs an extra kick. Whereas Castrol power1 4t can be of everyday use.


Caltex is one of the most popular and reliable brands available in the market. Among many of its motorcycle engine, oil Caltex techron is known for smooth running. It is one of those brands which have managed to deliver satisfaction to its customers. Caltex Havoline 20W-50 Motor oil is considered to best engine oil for Honda cd 70.