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Motorcycle Girl – Let Life Live

Motorcycle Girl is a Pakistani movie which recently got released on Friday, April 20, 2018. The movie is directed by Adnan Sarwar and co.produced by Jami. Star cast of the movie includes Sohai Ali Abro, Samina Peerzada, Sarmad Khoosat and Ali Kazmi.  The movie cast comprises an extremely professional team. The one thing which stands out regarding the movie is that it is a biopic.  The movie narrates a true story of a girl, Zenith Irfan.  A 20years old girl who is passionate about pursuing the dream of her late father.

The best part about the movie is its breaking stereotypes. A young girl goes on her motorcycle through Northern Areas of Pakistan living beyond the statement “log kya kahaygay”. The movie actually gives an insight of all the issue and problems she came across on her solo journey. Motorcycle Girl can be set as an example for all those girls who want to live up their life.

Motorcycle Girl learns to ride a motorcycle from her brother. This further highlights how the male members of the family can support an individual and let her live. Rather than pulling the individual down only because one is scared that what will people say. Adding on, this is also quite encouraging for numerous women to actually consider motorcycle as a mode of transport. We all are well aware of the fact that the condition of public transport is deviating day by day. However, on the other hand, women are still reluctant to switch to this mode of transport, motorcycle. A girl can go up to Khunjerab on her motorcycle. Least you can go till doodh ke dukan or pintu kay school on the motorcycle.

Moreover, not many people know the fact that Sohai Ali Abro actually learned to drive a bike for this movie. Also, the glamorous actress is seen in quite a different role in this movie. She is playing a role which is distinguished and something which every other lady can relate to. The actress, Sohai Ali  Abro herself is quite pleased to play the role of Zenith.  Moreover, the role further emphasis on the various underlying societal problem. Also, the director is trying to empower women and liberating the roles of women. This movie is expected to play a vital role in breaking rising taboo around ladies driving bikes. It might help citizens to be more liberal towards women driving motorcycles.

The movie is unique and interesting. The concept of the movie is different from the everyday movie. It is more than a love story and the power of women. Its focus on glass ceiling effect and gender inequalities. It gives an insight into the number of issues which are eating up our society as a torment. This movie may not be your regular masala movie but it is recommendable for everyone to watch this movie. It might help people to perceive things positively. It might help people to come out of their nutshell. It might help people to see that loug chand par phoch gayai and we are still knitting irrational customs.