Motorcycle Helmet Mandatory for Bike Riders |

Motorcycle Helmet Mandatory for Bike Riders

Motorcycle helmet is a long existing issue in Pakistan. Irrespective of necessary actions taken by Government as well as traffic police, nothing seem to convince the nation. Moreover, it seems by the passing time the use of motorcycle helmets in Pakistan is declining very much.  I have hardly seen youngsters wearing helmets while riding a bike.

We all are well aware of the fact that motorcycle helmets are quite necessary for bike riders. Not only for the one who is driving the bike but it’s equally important for passenger seat riders. As motorcycle helmet is the first step towards bike safety. As a result, it protects the head both of driver and passenger in case of an accident. Thus, there is no life risk to the rider and other than minor injuries he is all secure.

In spite of campaigns by both government and non-government organizations the motorcycle helmets use is very less. It’s very hard to figure out that how does motorcycle helmet interfere with style statement of youngsters. Some are also under peer pressure, considering that motorcycle helmets are childish and fearless people don’t do that stuff. On the contrary, when we try to figure out adults mantra behind not wearing helmets, the excuses are endless. Some believe that motorcycle helmet price in Karachi is too high. Others also think that helmet shops in Karachi are less. One has to go out of the way to buy motorcycle helmet.

However, at one point it is to agree that the motorcycle helmet price is little on the pricey side. A good quality motorcycle helmet will minimum cost PKR.1500 or more. Moreover, if one plan on buying for passenger as well then it’s good PKR.3000. Hence, it becomes quite difficult for a middle-class man to cut down his spending and purchase a helmet. Therefore, people instead prefer to get caught by police and get away instead of making an investment. Also, the most popular statement of locals to end a debate “life is in the hand of God”. Previously, it was commonly seen that motorcycle helmets in Karachi were being sold at roadside. Not sure about the quality but that did add convenience for lot of people. However, due to decrease in demand for motorcycle helmet. These roadside shops are slowly closing down as well.

On the other hand, in the month of July, a campaign was launched. The aim was to educate citizens regarding the importance of motorcycle helmet. In the campaign number of people were inform about benefits of wearing a helmet. Furthermore, to make campaign successful even free 300 motorcycle helmet was given to bike riders. The campaign ended after good three months. At the end of the campaign, it was advise to fine motorcyclists of PKR.100. Motorcyclists who themselves are not wearing the helmet or the pillion both were to face the penalty.

However, with all due respect number of traffic police officers, themselves are not following the law. They are either not wearing the helmet themselves or their attitude is way too casual towards motorcycle helmet law. As a result, the citizens are not following the rule either. Moreover, the fine amount is way too less to make a difference. The amount should be raised to PKR.500, so that its food for thought for the rider.