Motorcycle Service Station in Pakistan - A Must Need|

Motorcycle Service Station in Pakistan– A Must Need

Pakistan is a country where the majority of people are middle class or little above, upper middle class. On the contrary, the situation of public transport in the region is deteriorating. Under such circumstances, each household usually has a motorbike in-house. Either for personal use or for the use of carrying daily chores of the house. However, irrespective of all the reasons motorbikes itself or motorcycle service tend to be much ignored in the region. Neither there are proper lanes on the roads for bike or petrol stations. Adding on there is a negligible number of motorcycle service station in the region.

Apparently, it does look like that the entire focus of both governments, as well as the nation, remains on the car. At one point where we have so many car service stations with amazing advancements. To an extent that these car butlers even provide home service. However, there is hardly any advancement being made in this handful of motorcycle service stations.

For those who need little background knowledge regarding motorcycle service stations. Motorbike service stations work similar in manner to car service stations. Where one can take their vehicle, get regular maintenance from detailed cleaning to fuel change. Picking it up after few hours. However, there are not many motorbike service stations in Pakistan. Even if there are few bike lovers are reluctant to take their expensive bikes theirs due to lack of reliability. Moving on to name few motorcycle service stations in the region.

Atlas Honda is one of the names but obviously, they deal with their own brand only. Among the locals include Mohmand Oil Change and Service, Medina Autos & Honda Service Station and Raza Brothers Motorcycle Service Station. The common thing for most of them is they target top-notch brands and their main focus is repairing instead of service. One name which did hold attention is of Ikhlaq Car Motorcycle Wash Service Station in Karachi. The only one which actually serves the purpose of providing motorcycle service including a wash.

Now let’s focus on the motorcycle service station which took the cake. It is no less than a dream that there is motorcycle service in Pakistan can be booked through an application. Nevertheless, am certainly talking about Power Motorcycle Application. The main aim of this application to be the fresh breeze for owners of Power motorcycles. One can use the service at the comfort of their house from finding parts of their bike to regular maintenance. The application serves all. However, there are few major hitches including lack of availability of this app in major cities.

The application is still for Android users only and will not entertain bike owners in Karachi, Islamabad or Quetta. No doubt that the application itself is quite promising. However, the focus needs to be laid upon the proper and timely execution before the idea fades away or get copied. Since we are already hoping other bike brands to follow the footprints of Power motorcycle.  Adding on it will be great if any citizen can come up with a similar application. Aiming to provide the right service for all bikes. Also hoping for better and improved number of motorcycle service stations in Pakistan.