Motorcycle Tyre Tube Manufacturers in Pakistan |

Motorcycle Tyre Manufacturers in Pakistan

The motorcycle tyre is one of the most prominent features or specification in a bike. A good quality motorcycle tyre will not only ensure smooth bike ride but reduce bike maintenance to great extent.  It does not only provide an excellent hold on the road. Acting as a barrier against slippage on a slippery road. Followed by quality motorcycle tyres also provide absorption against bumpy roads. Helping to promote the life of motorcycle. Furthermore, tyre type is not only limited to tube tyres. Manufacturers in Pakistan are also making tubeless tyres for bikes. Moreover, these motorcycle tubeless tyre have an added advantage of not being flat all of sudden.

There is number of motorcycle tyre manufacturers in Pakistan, making both tube and tubeless tyres. Few of the tyre manufacturing companies include –

Servis Tyres

Several years of hard work have given Service Tyres great market recognition. They claim to be world largest motorcycle tyre manufacturers.  Furthermore, the servis company has its wing spread not only in Asia but also in Africa, Europe, and South America. Gaining popularity as one of the finest brands in Tubes and Tyres. The company is known for bringing in innovation in the design of the motorcycle tyre every now and then. Moreover, other than motorcycle tyre the company also make tyres for bicycles, trolleys, rickshaws as well as ULT tyres.

Ghauri Motorcycle Tyre

The company has an honor of being largest manufacturers in Pakistan. They have been operational since 1998. Just like most of its competitors they manufacture bicycle, rickshaw, trolley and motorcycle tyre.  Adding on they also make tubes for companies around the world.  Therefore, the company is strong in reliability and credibility as they are world exporters. Also, one of the major aims of the company is to provide amazing quality products at best rates. The company has a capacity of producing up to 7 million tubes.  Furthermore, the company also have a capacity of producing 9 million tubes per year. The company is indeed providing excellence and customer satisfaction at its best. Bagging the title of soon to be global players in the market.

Diamond Motorcycle Tyre

Moving to another popular company. Diamond tyres are renown since they are coming from the company owning group of companies. It’s the same company behind popular Diamond mattresses and they been manufacturing motorcycles as well. The company is in business since past 40 years, which is an impressive number of years.  Just like its competitors the company is actively involved in exporting the tyres. Hence, the company manufactures tubes and tyres for motorcycles, rickshaws, bicycles as well as wheelbarrows. Also, the company further claims that their technology is quite sound. Therefore, they can make any size motorcycle tyre on demand. Among many of the worth mentioning companies, they are making tyres for Atlas Honda along with many other brands.

General Tyre

The General Tyre is a company which is most innovative among the rest of the brands.  This company is first one to introduce tubeless tyres for motorcycles in Pakistan. The bike tubeless tyre price is slightly more than ordinary tube tyres but they are worth it. Since these tyres do not puncture all of sudden. This is particularly a problem when people are traveling with families or in unsafe areas. As a result, these tubeless tyres turn out to be the best option. General Tyre is the only company in the country which have manufactured tubeless tyres for 70cc bikes.