Motorway Police to Train drivers for Road Safety|

Motorway Police to Train Drivers

Roads in Pakistan have become extremely unsafe to drive on.The rash drivers further fuel the fire through their reckless driving. According to the statistics of the years 2004-2013 by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistic (PBS), 51,525 people died in road accidents in Pakistan which are an alarming figure and is not decreasing by any means. To understand such situation motorway police decide to train drivers.

Nasir Mehmood Satti, DIG Motorway Police South zone, while presenting certificates to the 120 young drivers. They are trained in collaboration with the Motorway Police stated that “Every year 25,000 people suffer due to road accidents in Pakistan.” The distribution ceremony was held in Karachi. This initiative is conducted by the law-enforcement agencies to minimize the road accidents and create road safety awareness among the people especially the youth of Pakistan which rules the roads.

motorway police
Motorway Police

A UN report gives the statistics that around 14,000 road accidents occur in the country yearly causing 30,150people to die. A special training should be offer to the drivers. Institutes should be start in order to raise awareness regarding this alarming situation. A data reveals the past 10 years, fifteen people lose their lives each day due to road accidents in Pakistan.

WHO survey  Pakistan rank 67th  in road accidents in a report published in 2014. To reduce this situation, there is a dire need to create awareness on road safety among the people