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MTMIS KPK Online Vehicle Verification in KPK

MTMIS KPK Vehicle Verification KPK has become essential and quite common so the citizen of KPK can find NCP Vehicles and Vehicles with changed bodies.  Furthermore, it is the desire of every individual to purchase the vehicles, which are clear. Online Vehicle Verification is provided almost everywhere in Pakistan. Similarly, KPK also started providing the portal too. However, the procedures in online vehicle verification are different from KPK to Sindh. Most of the vehicles registered in KPK belong from Peshawar.

Vehicle Verification For KPK

MTMIS KPK Vehicle Verification Details

In MTMIS KP, users can easily change their district and registration number in case of any mistake in providing the information. Once the Government of KPK verified the vehicle, following details can be seen on the screen:

  • Vehicles Registration Number, the same provided above
  • Maker Name
  • Chasis No.
  • Owner Name
  • Model
  • Engine Number
  • Owner Father Name

Vehicle Verification For KPK