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MTMIS Punjab Online Vehicle Verification in Punjab

Vehicle fraud is very common nowadays and therefore it is very necessary to check the vehicle history in order to avoid the chances of fraud. As, the history verification lets the individuals know the detailed records of the vehicle and provides the tax history as well. Therefore, MTMIS website is made to verify any particular vehicle.

MTMIS Punjab Online Vehicle Verification is very useful for all users to help them in different situations. So they provide very detailed information about the verified vehicles. However MTMIS Punjab, an Online Vehicle Verification is somewhat different if compared to Online Vehicle Verification in Sindh.

Vehicle Verification For Punjab

MTMIS Punjab Vehicle Verification System

One can always make amendments in the information by just reloading the page in case any mistake is made while providing the information. Following are the details which are shown when Punjab Government completes the verification of the vehicle

Details of Vehicle

  • Registration No.
  • Chasis No.
  • Engine No.
  • Make Name
  • Registration Date
  • Vehicle Price
  • Year of Manufacture
  • Color
  • Token Tax Paid Up to

Details of Owner

  • Owner Name
  • Father Name
  • Owner City

Vehicle Verification For Punjab