NOWPDP Giving Hand Rickshaw to Disabled Pakistanis |

NOWPDP Giving Hand Controlled Rickshaw to Disabled Pakistanis

Not all the superheroes have capes, this inspirational organization came up with a solution for income of disabled people. We are well aware of the fact that handicap individuals in Pakistan, do not have many options to earn. Unlike foreign countries, we absolutely do nothing for them. Even public areas are not designed in such a way that they are friendly to be used by disabled citizens. However, it is encouraging to see that NOWPDP, a nonprofit organization is working in this regard. The aim is to make earning easy for disabled people. Under the banner of this organization,
rickshaws which are hand controlled will be given to these individuals.

The focus of NOWPDP purely remains on empowerment of individuals who are dependent on others due to physical constraints. Therefore, they make sure that each and everyone gets a fair share of opportunities. Through “The Rickshaw Project”, the light will be shed in the lives of 100 disabled citizens. These rickshaws are easy to be used as they are retrofitted. The project, for now, will be starting from Karachi. Initially, five rickshaws will be distributed to individuals with lower-limb impairment. Later these rickshaws will be given to 100 more individuals over a year.
These rickshaws will not be handed over just like that instead of training will be given on how to drive them. Moreover, through this training one will be given health insurance and will also be thought basic repairing.
A heart touching story was shared by NOWPDP of a disabled person and the first recipient of a hand-controlled rickshaw. Mr. Muhammad Anwar who has lower limb impairment have spent most of his life in a roofless house. The small house which is located at Mewa Shah Graveyard Lyari lacked almost all the basic necessities. There was no one to earn at Muhammad Anwar house and therefore he was dependent on neighbors and family. The life transformed and changed after hand controlled rickshaw, he is now able to earn PKR.25000monthly basis.
The total cost of the rickshaw to the organization is only PKR.25000. Also, the organization is looking forward to donations to make many more lives easier.