One Wheeling - A Dangerous Trend in Pakistan |

One wheeling – A dangerous trend in Pakistan

One Wheeling

There are hundreds of Motorcycle producers in Pakistan and all of them produce two wheeler bikes. This seems too unfortunate for some people. Yes! Some people who are maybe fed up of their lives do a  stunt called ‘One wheeling’. This is a major risk of life but some think that they are immortal, they won’t die. This one wheeling has cost Pakistan thousands of lives, all because ‘mad over bikes’. Bikes produce as a source of transport rather than these awful interests. A number of one-wheeling accidents take place in different cities of Pakistan every single day.

one wheeling

One wheeling on the rise!

The trend of one-wheeling is increasing day by day. More and more youngsters are taking interest in these kinds of activities. You can easily see one-wheeling in the busiest roads of major cities like Karachi and Lahore. Through this, the bikers are not only risking their own lives but this is a threat to the other people on the roads. In Karachi, you can see one wheeling at the most busiest roads like the Shahrah-e-faisal and M.A Jinnah road. You won’t believe, people have sighted one wheeling on the highway too! In Lahore, Gulberg and Mall road are mostly a target of one wheeling. To our utter disappointment, there are cases when teenagers have been doing these stunts after having alcohol.

A number of news reporters refer to this one wheeling as a ‘Passport to death’. a reporter told a channel that one fine morning he was having tea at a local shop. When suddenly a biker on only the back wheel crashed into a footpath. He had parts of his body spread over the path. That was extremely brutal. The reporter had tears in his eyes and he said that he wishes it was the first and the last accident. Such types of cases happen in Pakistan every day. On special occasions like Eid or independence day many bikers do one-wheeling.

one wheeling

As one wheeling is on extreme rise, the government has ordered the Traffic police to have a strict eye on the one wheelers. Legal action will be taken against them. A strict eye is kept on them at night despite thin usual traffic. Many one-wheelers have competitions at night and a lot of one wheeling deaths take place.

A sport in other countries!

Countries like Australia and the United States have training sessions for one-wheeling. They’ve given different names to such sports like unicycling etc. They’ve special qualified trainers who train people to do one-wheeling. No, it’s not like Pakistan. They have got massive tracks just for these kinds of stunts. More to it, they are arrested and heavily charged if they are caught doing stunts on busy roads. Foreign countries are only bringing out hundreds of stuntmen every year unlike the Pakistanis who are digging hundreds of graves every year.

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To have their interests fulfilled Pakistanis need to take certain measures. They should hire mastered trainers in order to teach the Pakistanis, these types of stunts. Moreover, stunt tracks should be built which will prevent one wheeling on busy roads. Pakistan should either produce or import good quality stunt bikes which will reduce accident chances. No doubt Pakistan is extremely talented, but one wheeling is no talent. This needs proper training. Let’s hope that a danger to lives turns out to be a thrill in the near future!