Paxi Taxi – A Pink Taxi Service for Females Pakistan |

Paxi – A Pink Taxi Service for Females

Every now and then we hear about new taxi service in Pakistan. At one point where these taxi services are meeting the need of increasing transport. At the same time they are also giving birth to number of issue. Recently, we read over many social media platforms regarding harassment by drivers to passengers.  One thing was mostly commonly and that was 99% of the passengers treated badly were females.  This is one of the reasons that women realize the need of having personal taxi service. The dream of having taxi for females eventually turn true. In the shape of Paxi Taxi – a taxi service in Pakistan for women only.

Paxi is first going to establish itself in the city of lights and main business center of Pakistan, Karachi. Later, spreading to other areas of the country. The good part is that Paxi Taxi Chief Executive Officer is female as well, Ms. Ambreen Sheikh. This taxi service in Pakistan is running on mobile phone application just like all other taxi services. One can book the service via android or IOS phone application and having internet connection is must. The attractive part about this particular taxi service in Pakistan it is personalized for females. The female drivers wear pink colour scarves along with black coat. Moreover, this Paxi Taxi service in Pakistan drivers are either housewives who want to help their husbands. Young women who want to earn a little extra or simply students, making pocket money.

This Paxi Taxi service in Pakistan is highly suitable for those girls which are travelling alone. Since the driver is female, they will feel less insecure and can travel at ease. As women are usually not comfortable travelling in vehicles which are driven by males specially at night time. However, on the other hand concerns are that this Paxi taxi service in Pakistan is little heavy on pocket. It’s not possible for every other women to take advantage of it.

On the contrary direct competitor of Paxi Taxi is all set to compete. Last year around this time only Careem started to hire female drivers. Adding about seven women drivers to the team. However, the project for Careem remain limited. On the other hand, it is true that this Paxi taxi service in Pakistan is more or less like Uber or Careem. The only attractive feature is that they have female drivers on board but again that can work against Paxi Taxi. Mainly because long spread myth that female drivers are bad drivers. It will take some time for people to trust female drivers. In the end, keeping fingers crossed and hoping Paxi touch the sky. Adding little convenience to life of females.