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Punjab Govt. will replace old Registration Book with Smart Card

As you all are aware that there has been a major increase in the number of cars on the roads of Pakistan. This has lead to many problems in the city. The Government is also trying its best to solve this issue by introducing different systems. In the past, the Punjab Government announced to introduce automated smart cards instead of the old registration books. This commitment was made by the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif two years back i.e. in March 2015.  This is now on the verge of getting fulfilled. The Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control Department is going to initiate the system in November 2017.

The launch of Smart Card in Punjab

Moreover, this will be most helpful for the users as they won’t need to keep any registration books with them all the time. The reason it is now fulfilling after two years is that the Department publishes 2 million books every year for the registration of new vehicles. It was assumed that the books will be replaced, once the current stock of books finishes. According to the Government, it has database for around 700,000 vehicles. The issued smart card will be valid for 5 years. Furthermore, a two month trial period prior to the grand launch of this system.

It is also a good initiative from the security point of view. This will reduce the risk of fraud and misuse of vehicles in terrorism and crime activities. Moreover, this would make it easy for the departments running the system. In this way, they will now have an online, secured, and tested database. Furthermore, this is helpful for car owners also in a number of ways.

Advantage for Car Owners in Punjab

The automated card will be beneficial for car owners in a number of ways. Most importantly, the reduction in size will end the trouble of carrying a registration book all the time. Moreover, the smart cards in this case is a more convenient way.

Once these automated cards will come, a Near Field Communication(NFC) chip will be there with each car. This will also aid in a better verification of the car details including registration number, chassis number, and tax token expiry date etc.