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Punjab Govt. to Launch the Universal Number Plates

Punjab Government is coming up with a new initiative and this time it is province centric rather than city center. According to this new plan, Punjab Government will be introducing number plates which will be universal. By the term universal they mean there will be a certain standard of number plate which will be followed throughout. These new number plates will be launched next month. This new number plate has already gained approval from Chief Minister Punjab, Mr. Shehbaz Sharif. This scheme is going to be quite fruitful as the government is taking quite a few extensive measures. This strategy will not only help monitor crime in the province but will also eliminate fake number plates. However, the government needs to make sure that these new number plate are monitored strictly.

A certain set standard will be followed for these number plate. The number plates along with printed digits will be comparatively larger in size. According to the officials, there are two main reasons for this step –

These number plates are capable of being recognized automatically. They are designed in such a manner that Automatic Number  Plate Recognition (ANPR) can easily be carried out. The cameras were installed in the city previously under a project called a safe city. These cameras will be able to read the number plate quite conveniently.  It can be said that this project is the second stage of Safe City project. These number plates will make it way easier for authorities to locate a vehicle. This will promote easy vehicle tracing as a result reduced criminal activities hopefully.

There will be standard new number plate which will be followed throughout Punjab. This further means that the buying and selling of vehicles will not be affected. One can easily purchase a car from small town and use it in the main city without any hurdle or issue. Moreover, people who are selling cars from rural areas usually have to sell their cars at a low price. As people do not quote high or market price of vehicles which are having rural areas number plate. This issue can be successfully addressed by these number plates. Everyone getting a fair price for their vehicle.

On the other hand, Excise Department dignitary addressed the media and talked about the importance of this step. It was further emphasized regarding the importance of new number plate. This will make sure that the entire province will have similar number plates along with registration numbers. Adding on, the crime rate specifically is expected to reduce. Further playing a vital role to point out vehicles which are illegal. Moreover, pointing out cars which are used in illegal activities.

Apparently, Government of Punjab is all set to make some advancements in number plates. Other than coming up with new number plate, they are also introducing Vanity number plate. According to these vanity number plates, people will also be able to choose characters rather than just numbers. Wonder what does that mean? Now in Punjab, one can also choose number plates consisting of images, photos, name or numbers. For instance Batman 12 or James Bond 007.