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Renault Cars in Pakistan: From Rumors to Reality

Renault automobile is a French automobile company. Functioning in different regions of the world since 1899. Moreover, Renault automobile has also gained the title of being fourth largest automobile company in the world. In 2006, there were many rumors about Renault automobile establishing their business in Pakistan. Apparently, it was much in the headlines that Renault has several plans for operating in the local market. Economy wise as well it was quite decent news.

Also, for those who had a deep love for automobiles. Long story short, just after a year Renault changed their decision due to economic and security concerns. The following year’s rumors started to circulate again regarding Renault automobile expanding its business in Pakistan. Unfortunately, it never happened till the date.

In the first quarter of 2014, there was another ray of hope in the country. Dewan Motors restarted their production after a halt and that they will launch Renault Duster or Dacia Duster. Rumors further elaborated that Dewan motors have finalized negotiations. Also, they will launch a car similar to  Honda CR or Toyota RAV4. However, none of these anticipations came true. In September 2015, Nissan and Renault automobile met Board of investment dignitaries expressing their desire to establish a plant in Pakistan.

Moving on to 2016. Special Assistant to Prime Minister and Chairman of the Board of Investment,  Mr. Mifta Ismail met dignitaries of Renault, Al Futtaim Group  UAE and Ghandhara Nissan Limited. Proposing to establish vehicle production in Pakistan. However, the production has to be started under the new Auto Development Policy 2016-2021. Mr. Ishaq Dar, Finance Minister also briefed Renault and Peugeot regarding the new policies and economical improvement in the country. This effort of Pakistan representatives was much appreciated by the companies. Later, it was briefed by Mr. Mifta Ismail that Renault will be investing $100 million, particularly on Ghandhara plant for its expansion. Another hope died when Renault automobile and Ghandhara Nissan failed to reach any mutual conclusion.

Moreover, in 2017 rumors started to circulate again. First in October that Renault automobile is collaborating with Al-Futtaim- an Emirati Company for its operations in Pakistan. Followed by a press news, precisely on November 20, 2017. In which Renault automobile and Al-Futtaim- an Emirati Company agreed upon signing an agreement regarding establishment a plant in Pakistan. Where Renault will be responsible for bringing innovative technologies to the region and Al Futtaim will be solely responsible for manufacturing and distribution in the region. Renault automobile Duster, being its first product for the region.