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A Stuning Restoration of Fatima Jinnah 1955 Cadillac Convertible

Vintage cars attract almost everyone either the individual is into cars or not. Recently, a local mechanic based in Karachi started restoring vintage cars. This time he restored car of Pakistan legend, none other than Fatima Jinnah. Cadillac car, 1955 was not only popular but it was among one of the best cars during the times. However, the end result of this beautiful car is awe-inspiring. The car which was all rotten and almost garbage is brought to live by this amazing artists. The entire restoration process took about 2 years with a minimum cost of PKR.15 million. Cadillac Convertible certainly required a lot of work from electrical work, denting, painting and designing. Yet one thing had to be made sure that the originality of Cadillac is not lost.

At the moment, Cadillac Convertible is kept at National Museum in Karachi and one can have a look at this beautiful car. In case you want to approach this talented artist he is located in Karachi.  The complete address to Ikram Motor Works is Al Fateh arcade shop no.4, 22nd east street, Phase 1, DHA, Karachi.