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Riding Posture Tips: How to Get Comfortable on a Sportbike

Sportbike riders look cool and thrilling. However riding a sportbike isn’t as easy as it may appear. Requiring lot of effort and care, in order to enjoy a comfortable ride. Besides having the skills and maturity to handle sportbikes, a fair understanding is must. Maintaining the correct posture, which will allow the rider to enjoy long rides without worrying about hurting your back.

It is now the most common knowledge that a large number of people tend to avoid riding such bikes. Due to demanding positions that often lead to the rider getting exhausted and ending up with terrible muscular pain.

First and foremost is the comfort for the rider. Well let’s admit that you won’t be as comfortable as you are when you are driving a car. However by following certain basic tips you can definitely adapt to it.

  1. Be Comfortable :Always take your time to get comfortable on the bike. Take as much time as possible to find a comfortable position. The more comfortable position you find the longer you will be able to enjoy the ride. To find a proper comfortable spot you can put the bike on stand and get familiar with the riding position.
  2. Never Lock the Elbows: Never ever keep your arms locked or absolutely straight when riding a sports bike. Allow some flexibility and keep your elbows. Slightly bent as your arms act as shock absorbers.  Hence the tighter grip will leave a worse effect in case of an unfortunate jump or shock.
  3. Keep the Back Straight:This is another essential point to keep in mind. When riding a bike it must be kept in mind that keep your back straight. This is not to suggest that rider should sit upright but allowing the little flexibility while keeping it straight. This will save you from lot of discomfort during the ride.
  4. Rest the Front Part of the Feet on the Foot-pegs:Now the passion comes into play, riding a sports bike is more about passion and being enthusiastic about it. While on the race track, the rider is shifting the body on either sides at corners. Hence it is important to take the corresponding knee out and resting your feet on the foot-pegs. Resting the front part of your foot on the foot-peg. Allows you to be more in sync with the whole body movement.
  5. Grab the Fuel Tank With the Thighs:Another most common and frequent complain of the sport bike riders is the pain in the wrist. It comes due to the pressure of the upper part of your body on your arms and wrists. This weight can be balanced by grabbing the fuel tank with your thighs. All sport bike riders should try this tip as it is very effective in balancing out the weight.
  6.  Wear Appropriate Clothing: Last but not the least, always wear appropriate attire. This is important as wearing a tight clothes will save you from loose clothes hanging around. A tight and skin fit clothes allows the rider to maintain the grip on the bike and keep it stable.

By using these above mentioned few tips, we promise that you will have more fun in riding the sportbike and if you have lost love for it you will rediscover it.