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The Rising Trend of Chinese Bikes in Pakistan

Chinese bikes in Pakistan are reaching record high selling point in the region. The surprising fact is that although economically¬† Pakistan is not performing too well. Exhausting the buying power of locals in the country. Yet the China bikes sale in Pakistan is increasing by every passing day. Apparently, it does not matter if it’s used bike or new motorcycle in Pakistan, the demand remains constant. The trend of bikes is rising to an extent that in 2016-2017 the production of motorcycle reached the highest record. Selling approximately 2.2million units in 2016 alone.

According to experts, there are several reasons for this growth. The most important factor is continuously deteriorating situation of country’s public transport. The increasing charges of bus tickets, poor condition of buses and lack of punctuality. All these factors add up to frustrating the individual. As a result, one has to look for alternatives. Under such situation, China bikes are breeze of fresh air. Making it convenient for individuals to travel from one place to another at their own comfort. Along with reaching their destination at desired time particularly being at work or college at right time.

Moreover, China bikes are symbol of continuous innovation with improving technology every time. Most of the local companies in the region are importing Chinese parts and only assembling the bike. On the other side, the handful of manufacturers of new bike in Pakistan are copying the China bikes. If not copying, they are more focused on producing bikes similar to those China bikes. Lacking not only in innovation, technology but the design and style too. Therefore, the people in Pakistan prefer buying bikes which least have original concept. Also, the price of these local bikes is higher than those of China.

On that note, another important factor is China bikes price. The price of the bike with latest technologies, promising style and offers smooth ride is quite high. Price of such bikes from any other manufacturer will be quite high costing approximately 1 lac. Furthermore, if you plan on purchasing bike coming from top-notch brands including Atlas Honda, it will cost way more. However, more or less same China bike will cost approximately in the range from PKR.38000 – PKR.45000. China motorcycle price in Pakistan 2018 is indeed quite low as compared to other brands. As a result, people have higher preference for products which are cheap.

Rather than focusing on other factors, people are more prone towards pocket-friendly bikes. Especially in the country like Pakistan, where 80% people are living below poverty line. Under such circumstances, people need something which can fulfill their basic need of transport. Since the transport condition of country is miserable as well. People do not need anything fancy but something they can afford at that very nick of time. Adding on, the rising trend of China bikes in Pakistan is also because of better environmental condition in the country. The better law and order situation along with reduced reported cases of bike stealing have encouraged people to invest. The protests in the country have been less, as a result, fewer bikes are being set on fire.

The rise in trend of China bikes is also due to CPEC – China Pakistan Economic Corridor. CPEC promises friendly terms between two nations even in the long run. As a result, the importers and exporters in both the countries are able to involve in stress-free business. They certainly do not need to worry about the future of this bond at the moment. Therefore, easy trading as well as convenient recovery of money. It has been further noticed that the rise in China bikes in Pakistan have been particularly since 2006.

The main reason is due to Free Trade Agreement -FTA between the two countries. After the agreement, goods from China started to flood in the country let it be of any type. Similarly, bike importer took advantage and tried their luck in the business.  It was further noticed that more assembly plants were even established in the country after the agreement.

However, the area of concern which is being ignored by a number of people is the maintenance of China bikes. Not only maintenance but if these bikes are worthy of even half a lac. No one is focusing at the moment that if China bikes are promising enough to be used in long run. People are buying these bikes with closed eyes. The factor one needs to start concentrating on if these China bikes are disposable or can be relied upon. According to research, the China bikes are more of gamble.

As one of the Urdu saying mentions “Chalay to chand tak, warna Shaam tak”. Simply meaning they may be good and they may not be good, depends on your luck. Even if they turn out to be good, the maintenance of these bikes is difficult. Once the bike starts having issues, it is advisable to sell it because the problems will keep rising. As far as the warranty is concerned most of them offers 1 year warranty or first 6 months. Also, let’s not ignore the fact that these warranty policies never work in the favor of customers. The dealer does know how to twist the facts and put the blame on customers.

On the other hand, it is further noticed that new motorcycle 2018 have been entering Pakistan through illegal channels. Such bikes are dirt cheap. Hence, they turn out to be irresistible for buyers even if they originally plan to buy something else.

Summing up everything, China bikes are in great demand in Pakistan. Not only due to price but also because they are suitable for Pakistan roads. Meeting the need for the locals fairly well. This demand is much anticipated to rise in near future. As the China electric bikes are soon to enter market cutting fuel cost as well. It is worth mentioning that in 2016-2017 the China bikes demand went to 1.3m units from 1.2m units. Moreover, the locals need to focus on uplifting their products instead of cutting down China bikes. Further, the government should impose some tax on bike import. As otherwise, infrastructure resources may face concerns.