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Road Prince 125 vs Super Power 125 Comparison

Being a bike enthusiast myself. I see most of the people saving up with the intention of buying their perfect bike. With several different companies offering more-or-less the same products in the bike market of Pakistan, people are often confusing as to what brand of motorcycle they should purchase. This blog is about comparison of two 125cc bikes Road Prince 125cc vs Super power 125

Today, I will be giving a comparison on two of my personal favorite brands – Road Prince  & Super Power; both being the highest sellers in the market right now. To make it simpler, I have chosen the ‘ Road Prince 125cc Twister’ from Road Prince 125cc, and ‘SP-125’ from Super Power – both 125CC bikes which are mostly preferred by the consumers.

Road Prince 125cc Twister

road prince twister 125

Let’s start with Road Prince 125cc Twister. Before getting into the specifications, I would like to mention that this is one of the best looking bikes on the market as of now. Road Prince 125cc equipped with a 4-stroke single cylinder engine, Road Prince 125cc bike is also equip with an over-head value, and an emission control unit, which means that in terms of speed and performance; it provides more than the value one pays for.

Having a maximum horsepower of 8.3 kw @ 8500 rpm and a maximum torque of 9.2 n.m @ 8000 rpm, the Twister is one hell of a beast and is sure to win you a race against any other bike of the same engine-capacity. Having a 16L petrol tank capacity and a 5 speed gear transmission, this revolutionary bike also has a built-in disc brake in the front which makes it very secure and durable.

Super Power 125

road prince 125cc
Super Power 125

Moving on to Super Power’s SP-125, the company has not really paid much attention towards the design, but in comfort and power. Super Power 125 also equips with a 4-stroke single cylinder. It has a bore and stroke of 56.5 x 49.5 mm. A compression ratio of 9.0:1, which means that regardless of how it looks.  Its engine capacity is quite fast. Word in the market is that the Italian technology invested in this bike makes it a revolutionary bike. It Has more focus towards the maximum torque and overall capacity. However, the Super Power 125 has a 12L engine capacity. It has a 4-speed gear transmission and both of its brakes are drum brakes.

That being said, in a comparison of all the features combined, Road Prince 125cc wins the battle in terms of power, durability & speed. Not only does the Road Prince 125cc Twister have better features such as; better gear transmission, a disc brake, larger fuel tank, lighter in weight and an electric motor start. The drive of both the bikes would more-or-less be similar due to its engine capacity and torque. But if someone would look at all aspects of a perfect bike; then the Road Prince 125cc beats Super Power 125 any day.