Road Prince 110 Jackpot 2018 Price in Pakistan PKR 110,000 |

Road Prince 110 Jackpot 2018

road prince 110
Road Prince 110

Road Prince 110 Price Rs: 47,000
Image Credit: Omega Industries

Omega industries recently launched one of its finest bike by the name of Road Prince 110. The prince 110 is not an everyday bike but something exceptional. Finely designed for people who are on the look also for comfort and ease. Road prince 110 is not only smooth sailing bike for the city roads. Also, it performs equally well on bumpy roads of villages. At the same time, road prince 110 new model 2018 price in Pakistan is reasonable. The bike is innovatively designed and road prince 110 is technologically sound. An engine this powerful and ignition so strong, this bike is certainly a steal in today’s world.

The Manufacturers of Road Prince 110 Jackpot 2018

The company – Omega Industries is comparatively new in the market. However, still the company is around for more than a decade. Stepping into the business through auto parts and launched their own bikes from year 2004. All the bikes under the label of Omega Industries are basically coming from Chinese origin. The brand particularly focuses on providing economical source of transport. This is one of the reason that prince 110 is of low price. Not only initial purchase price of road prince 110 is low but also the maintenance cost is negligible. Irrespective of all the factors, the company does not compromise on quality.

Road Prince 110 Jackpot Price in Pakistan 2018

Road Prince 110 Jackpot which is product of Road Prince formally known as Omega  Industries. The road prince 110 is designed to meet the need of masses. The prince 110 conveniently fulfill the increasing demand for transport in the country. Let it be university students, employees or senior citizen – Prince 110 meets the need for everyone. As the bike price is economical and at the same time, the design of bike attracted many people. Specially, the high beam huge headlights giving road prince 110 a very chic look. Making it desirable for energetic, youthful adults as well.  Also, the launch of a bike is done in two graceful colors red and black. Meeting the demand of a majority of people as many consumers desire bike in these two colors only. PKR 110,000

Road Prince JackPot – Technical Specifications

Road prince 110 cc is surely a bike with great power. Prince 110 engine is 4 stroke, single cylinder which is air cooled. The engine design is extremely powerful and superb with help of Japanese technology. The road prince 110 is one of those bikes which give great road experience. Having ignition C.D.1, 12V. The dry weight of the bike is only 92kgs, which make the bike light in weight compared to most of the bikes. As an average bike weighs approximately 100kgs, making road prince 110 handling much easier.



The capability of a bike to produce power is moderate as the displacement is about 110cc. The road prince 110 clutch is wet type multi-plate, which further adds to road comfort. Adding convenience for the rider as it requires less force and power at the time of usage. Petrol capacity is of 10.5 liters and gives nearly 50km/l mileage which is pretty decent and attractive feature. Having a powerful battery of 12V, 2.5AH. Furthermore, bore and stroke of prince 110 is 52.3 x 49.5mm with kickstart starting. Tires at the front and back size are both 2.50-18. A dimension of bike is 1900 x 780 x 1160 (l x w x h) with ground clearance of 135mm.


road prince 110
Color Black

Unique Physical Features Road Prince 110 JackPot

One of the most interesting factor about road prince jackpot is that it does not have diamond type frame. Since this frame is now common in almost all the bikes. Instead, its frame type is backbone. This type of frame is similar to backbone structure and connects to steering. The frame also has engine and subframe bolted to it. However, with this simple backbone frame, jackpot 110 have new big headlights with high beam. In addition to this, bike jackpot 110 have new mudguards as well. Giving the bike a uniquely attractive look.

Purchase And After Sales Service

The purchase of road prince jackpot can be done from authorized dealers of Omega Industries in Pakistan. However, one can directly buy authentic spare parts of road prince rp 110 cc online from Omega Industries website. Although the company makes sure that all the products are in perfect working condition and new at the time of purchase. Still, if anyone comes across any issue in the product the company is more than happy to help. Since Omega Industries strongly believe in delivering customer satisfaction.



Moreover, the warranty period for road prince rp 110cc is also 10months or 10,000KM. Whereas for the body parts, the warranty limit is of 6months or over the first 6,000KM. Make sure to keep the warranty card safe as service cannot be availed otherwise. Also, make sure to buy road prince 110 is only from authorized dealers.  Furthermore, if anyone has any questions regarding Road Prince 110cc they can certainly contact Omega industries. One can also contact a company directly through the contact number or one can leave a message in a comment section. However, one of the concerns which persist is the absence of information regarding authorized dealers. Omega industries website or social media pages do not provide any guidance in this regard.

Road Prince 110cc Fuel Average

As the name suggest Road Power 110 jackpot is certainly a jackpot. The bike consists of amazing features. Furthermore, it is fit in comparison to any other big brand bike. From road comfort to bike sustainability all are in check. It is not only easy to purchase but also easy to maintain. The road prince 110 new model 2018 price in Pakistan is as low as 45,000RS. The spare parts are easily available for future maintenance. Also, the company mantra is to promote quality and durability economically. One can definitely not find a bike with all these amazing features at such low price elsewhere. Therefore, if someone is on the look for a mode of transport for everyday use road power 110 will be the best buy. It will not only easily go through all the wear and tear but will also provide great mileage.

Road Prince 110 Jackpot Specification

Bore & Stroke52.2 mm, 49.5 mmCompression Ratio9:1:1
ClutchMulti PlatesTransmission4 speed constant mesh
StartingKick StartFrameBack Bone Type
Dimension (Lxwxh) 1900 x 780 x 1060 mmGround Clearance135 mm
Petrol Capacity10.5 LtrTyre at Front 2.50-18 4PR
Tyre at Back2.50-18 4PRDry Weight