Road Prince 70cc 2019 Price in Pakistan is PKR 40,000 |

Road Prince 70cc Price in Pakistan 2019

road prince 70cc
RP Passion 70

Road Prince 70cc Price Rs: 40,000

Image Credit: Omega Industries

Right after the launch of Road Prince Motorcycle, this firm has launched its road prince RP 70. This bike is the new beast in the market. Omega Industries has taken out this new model 2019 road prince 70cc. The features of this road prince bike are better than every other bike in this range. The design of this motorbike is like the ordinary 70 cc bike in the market.

Road Prince RP 70 also has a very good resale value. Especially if you compare it to the other 70 cc bikes in the market. The road prince 70cc is very comfortable when riding it on the roads. Moreover, the speed meter is very sexy. It comes with a color scheme and a led smart needle. The material used in the road prince 70 is of good quality. As a result, the original look and shine is everlasting. In addition, the Road Prince 70 has the top graphics added to it. A great feature of this bike is that it has a strong shock absorber in both front and rear tires. The Road Prince 70cc also has a good broad seat, along with a strong 4 stroke engine. Road Prince 70cc is built purely for the sake of giving the market something good. The bright head light and tail light makes one ride a good ride in dark streets.

Road Prince 70 gives great mileage and gives around 55 km per liters on normal routes. As a result, the road prince 70 is a great bike. It is available in 2 great colors; shiny red and glossy black.

The firm behind the Road Prince 70cc 2019

Omega industry is a very old name in this industry. This all started back 22 years back in 1995. At that point, there were not many firms in the market. No doubt right now the firm is among the leading motorcycle makers in Pakistan. Furthermore, this company also makes 3 wheel commercial rickshaws. Moreover, their reputation is great. Furthermore, they cover a very good sale route too. The employees and team of omega industries are also the best. The company has great after sale services and a very good network of sales. This firm also makes good quality spare parts and repair parts. Furthermore, road prince caters to almost the entire country.

The main objective behind Road Prince motorcycles is to provide the top quality vehicles at user-friendly rates. This firm wants to build its image as a growth-oriented firm. They planned to achieve this through their great services. Moreover, they focus mostly on giving top services and quality. Moreover, they basically wish to see a better world for people to live in. Similarly, they wish to live in a universe where tech aids us to make our lives better.

The Aim behind Road Prince 70 2019

The main plan for the creation of road prince 70cc is merely for making our lives better. As a result, the road prince 70cc is the best bike for the masses. Moreover, this bike truly satisfies the masses. Road prince is similarly aware of this plan. They are aware of their skills and knowledge they do this.

Moreover, this firm looks after all the segments of this market. The market which the firm cover is very big. From the stakeholders to the youth, all are targeted. Moreover, they focus on drivers and office workers too. Furthermore, people out of Pakistan are also a target of their firm. The road prince 70cc has a very great design. It is the ideal fir for the common man’s choice. As a result, a majority of the people has chosen this. Therefore, road prince 70 is winning peoples trust and hearts.

Moreover, the road prince 70 has a good making process too. It involves the use of top machines and labor. Furthermore, the material used is also of the best quality.

Road Prince 70cc – Features

The most important thing to look for in a bike is its features. Let’s look at the features of the Road Prince. The road prince has a 70 cc air-cooled cylinder engine. In addition to this, it has a huge and bright LED front headlight. It even has good LED tail lights.  Moreover, the road prince rp 70 even has great stylish graphics on the fuel tank. Its body shape is similar to every 70 cc bikes. On the other hand, the seat of the road prince 70cc is spacious and very nice and soft. Even so, rear grip gives a good advantage.

For a majority of the people, the fuel mileage is a very important factor. It is also one thing to closely observe. Arguably, the road prince 70 is great in this matter. The road prince 70cc is actually great in terms of fuel. It gives the best fuel mileage, around 55 km per liter.

road prince 70cc
Color Red

Road Prince 70cc Price in Pakistan 2019

The road prince 70 is a motorbike loved and admired by almost everyone. This motorbike has a displacement is 70 cm3, whereas its bore and stroke are 49.5 x 47 mm. Moreover, the bike has a kick start system installed. Moreover, the road prince has a 4-speed constant mesh shift system.

Also, the petrol tank capacity of the Road prince 70 is 10.5 liters, making it great. This motorbikes ratio is 9:1.1. The dimension of this bike is 1170 x 1900 x 780 mm. Moreover, the ground clearance of this bike is 135 mm. Moreover, the clutch system of this bike is manual wet plate type.

On the other hand, this bike has a dry weight of 84 kgs. The front tyre size of road prince 70 cc is 2.20 – 17.4 PR, whereas the back wheel is 2.25 – 17.4 PR. As a result, the bike gets a steady and balanced ride on the roads. All things considered, the road prince 70cc is great in terms of overall features. The road prince 70cc price in Pakistan is PKR 40,000.

 Road Prince 70cc Specification

Engine 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air CooledDisplacement70 cc
Bore & Stroke49.5mm * 47mmCompression Ratio9:1:1
ClutchManual Wet Plate TypeTransmission4 speed constant mesh
StartingKick StartFrameBack Bone Type
Dimension (Lxwxh) 1170 x 1900 x 780 mmGround Clearance135 mm
Petrol Capacity10.5 LtrTyre at Front2.25 – 17 4PR
Tyre at Back2.20 – 17 4PRDry Weight84 Kg