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Road Prince Twister 125 2019

road prince twister 125
RP Twister 125

Road Prince Twister 125 Price Rs: 110,000
Image Credit: Omega Industries

Right after launching the Road Prince 125 cc euro 2, here is the new boss in town. Omega Industries came up with its new model the road prince twister 125. The key specs of this bike are simply great. They are more or less like the euro 2 versions but may be better too. However, the design of the Road Prince twister 125 is more or less similar to a sports bike. Road Prince twister 125 is made with delicacy. Moreover, it is built merely for giving the people with a great motorbike. This beast gives the riders pleasure as well as comfort.

The best spec of this motorbike is its shocks and absorber in both front and rear tires. In addition, the Road Prince twister 125 has a sporty look with nice graphics added to it. Moreover, it has a sexy looking twin analog speed meter. As a result, the road prince twister 125 looks very sexy. Furthermore, this bike gives a great ride. This is because of its very nice and soft seats. Like every road prince motorcycles, the road prince twister 125 comes in 2 colors; glossy black and shiny red.

The firm behind Road Prince Twister 125 2019

Omega industry is a very old brand in the market. This brand took a start back in 1995. At that time, there weren’t a lot of companies making bikes. As this point, omega is making the best-preferred bikes in the motorcycle market of Pakistan. They have a good repo and good sales coverage too. Moreover, this talented company makes sure to get a skilled team of employees.

Moreover, they have expanded their reach and now make other vehicles too. Their other vehicles include commercial 3 wheels rickshaws. Their reach is very broad and therefore they have a great network of sales and after-sales service. Furthermore, they are also making spare parts for bikes. Consequently, they now cater to the all of Pakistan and their services are great.

The objective of this company is simple. It is purely to give the users great quality products. They make sure that their rates are decent too. Furthermore, they wish to see themselves on a very large scale growth-oriented company. Moreover, they try to ensure that they give the top quality and services to the people. Similarly, they have the vision to see this very world become a better place. In the same way, they are pro tech and wish to see it success. The CEO says that he wants to live in a world where tech is helping people to improve their lives.

The Aim behind Road Prince Twister 125 2019

Let’s focus on who would buy a 125cc motorbike. Either it will be youth or someone who loves bikes. In both cases, the road prince twister 125 is the ideal bike to get. That being said, this road prince twister 125 truly satisfies the masses. Moreover, the aim of road prince twister 125 is simply to give the consumers something good. Moreover, they want to give a bike which makes human lives better. The firm targets each and every segment of our industry.

The road prince twister 125 has a very great design. It is ideal for the use of a common man. It impresses people too and it is fast too. As a result, a majority of the people love it. It is safe to say that it has won the hearts of the common men. This was all possible by giving people value for money in the bike they purchase. Moreover, top of the line machines and labor is used in the process of making this amazing bike. Similarly, the raw material used to make the twister is of the very top quality. As a result, each and every product made is of excellent strong quality.

road prince twister 125
Color Red

Road Prince Twister 125 Features

One of the most imp things a person looks for in a motorbike is purely its features. They convince the person if the bike should be bought or not. Let’s take a look at the features of the road prince twister 125. This bike has a great engine of 125 cc with OHV tech. Moreover, it has an air cooled engine with the emission control unit. In addition, it has a great front cowl and great headlights. Moreover, the road prince twister 125 has a sporty body with very stylish graphics. Other than that, the leather seat of the road prince twister 125 is really nice and soft. It has an overall body and petrol tank which is very much similar to normal 125cc bikes. Furthermore, it has a nice dual speed meter and comes with a new sexy backlight.

Similarly, the road prince twister 125 has a great looking new stylish muffler. As a result, the bike looks very stylish. Moreover, it has black alloy rims which ads to the beauty of the bike. It also has 2 side mirrors, making it efficient to look at the back while riding. Similarly, the road prince twister 125 is truly great in terms of fuel. Since it gives the best fuel mileage, people get around 60 km per liter.

Road Prince Twister 125cc Price in Pakistan 2019

The road prince twister 125 is loved and adored bike. This bike has a displacement of 125cc. Moreover, it has a bore and stroke of 57 x 49.5 mm. Furthermore; it has a 5-speed shift system. In addition, it has a very large petrol tank. It has the capacity of 16 liters. As a result, it is ideal for long journeys.

Moreover, the bike is electric start. The road prince twister 125 has a ratio is 10.2:1. Its dimension is 2090. Moreover, the ground clearance of this bike is 127 mm.

The front tyre size of road prince twister 125 is 2.75 – 18 PR, whereas the back wheel is 3.50 = 18 PR. Similarly, this bike has a dry weight of 112 kgs. As a result, the bike gets a steady and balanced ride on the roads. The road prince twister 125 new model 2018 price in Pakistan is PKR 110,000.

Road Prince Twister 125 Specification

Engine4 Stroke, single cylinder, over head value, air cooled, with emission control unitDisplacement125 cc
Bore & Stroke57mm x 49.5mmCompression Ratio10.2:1
ClutchWet multi plate, left hand operatedTransmission5 speed constant mesh, all forward (N-1-2-3-4-5)
StartingElectric Motor and Kick StartFrameSingle cradle, steel tube frame
Dimension (Lxwxh) 2090 x 758 x 1120 mmGround Clearance
Petrol Capacity16 LtrTyre at Front 2.75 x 18, Air pressure: 26 lbs/sq in
Tyre at Back3.50 x 18, Air pressure: 32 lbs/sq inDry Weight125