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Road Prince Motorcycles 2018

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Their range of products includes vehicles like; sports bikes, normal bikes, china bikes and commercial 3 wheels rickshaws. Moreover, they have a great and broad reach. Similarly, their network of sales is great. Ultimately their after sale services are great too. Moreover, their products are the best-preferred bikes in the motorcycle market of Pakistan. In the meantime, their repo and sales coverage is simply amazing. Similarly, road prince goes out of the way to make sure to get a skilled team of employees.

The firm behind Road Prince Motorcycles

Omega industries are the firm behind RP motorcycles. This industry has a very big role in the market. Similarly, they are very old in the market. This brand started all of its operations 22 years back in 1995. At this point, not many brands were making motorcycles in the market. On the other hand, right now Omega and Road prince is doing great for themselves. Moreover, from that point, they have grown a lot. Their reach is expanded to different countries. Furthermore, they are now into the making of other motor vehicles too.

Omega and road prince are also famous for making quality spare parts for bikes. As a result, they are now catering to the all of Pakistan and their services are great. This company has a good aim and objective. And its aim and objective is very simple too. For this reason, they will soon see their company as a very large scale growth-oriented company.

Key People in Road Prince Motorcycles

The chairman of Omega Industries is Mr. Tanveer Ahmed. He is a very hardworking and talented individual. He works towards the betterment of this company. He says; Transport plays a vital role in the progress of a country. Especially where per capita income is low. It has become just a dream for a common man to have a personal bike. Therefore, road prince is trying to provide a good quality vehicle at cheap rate.

The chief executive officer of road prince is Mr. Shahid Naseem. He is also a great person. He works towards the progress of road prince day and night. He is also the reason behind the success of road prince. He says he wants to live in a world where tech is helping people to improve their lives.

The Aim behind Road Prince Motorcycles

The aim and objective are to provide customers with great quality products and services. They operate in a way that they go out of the way to make sure that their rates are decent. Moreover, they have been ensuring that they provide users with top quality and services. Similarly, their vision is also simple. It is to see this very world become a better place. In the same way, they are pro towards tech. They also wish to see this plan towards constant success.

Let’s take a look at the few great models:

Road Prince Twister 125 Price in Pakistan 2018

The twister 125 is simply the new boss in town. The key specs of this bike are simply great. However, the design of this Road Prince is more or less same as a sporty bike. This road prince is loved and adored by almost all the people. It has a displacement of 125 cc. Furthermore; it has a 5-speed shift system Moreover it has a bore and stroke of 57 x 49.5 mm.. In addition, it has a petrol tank capacity of 16 liters. .

road prince

Having self start, this bike has a ratio is 10.2:1. Its dimension is 2090, whereas its ground clearance is 127 mm. Moreover, front tyre size of road prince is 2.75 – 18 PR, whereas the back wheel is 3.50 = 18 PR. Similarly, this bike has a dry weight of 112 kgs. The RP twister 125 new model 2018 price in Pakistan is PKR 110,000.

Road Prince 125 Euro II Price in Pakistan 2018

The 125cc Euro II is simply great. It is a 125 cc bike which is also Euro II tech. The functions of this road prince are similar to the Twister 125 cc or maybe much better. The design of this RP is a bit like the Honda 125. RP Euro II is built for the reason of giving people something good. It gives riders pleasure and gives great fuel mileage.

road prince

It also has built in Euro 2 tech. This bike has a displacement of 124.1 cm 3, whereas its bore and stroke is 56.5 x 49.5 mm. The max torque of the RP 125 is 0.94 KGF-3/2500 rpm. Also, the petrol tank capacity of the RP 125 is 9.2 litres. The bikes ratio is 9:0.1, whereas its length is 1911 mm. Moreover, the wheel base is 1201 mm. The width and height of this bike is 732 mm and 1016 mm respectively. Moreover, the bike is kick start and has a CDI ignition system.

The front tyre size of road prince 125 is 2.50 – 18.4 PR, whereas the back wheel, is 3.00 = 17.6 PR. On the other hand, this bike has a dry weight of 99 kgs. The road prince price of this bike in the market is PKR 110,500.

Road Prince Wego Bike Price in Pakistan 2018

The wego is a Sporty and big size 150 cc bike. It is ones high life road riding bike. Moreover, it has great design and extraordinary features. It has a 4 stroke engine. This engine ensures a great ride on the roads. The wego 150 cc will make one feel like a hero. It is made for the youth. This road prince has 5-speed gears. Furthermore, it has a 18 liter petrol tank.

road prince wego


Moreover, it has alloy wheels which look really sexy. This makes it look different from other motorcycles of Pakistan. Furthermore, it can go really fast on the road. And to control the speed it is fitted with disc brakes. This makes sure it doesn’t get into accidents. The price of this road prince wego is around PKR 180,000/-