Saazgar Received Category 'A' Award for the Manufacturing of Off-Road & Passenger Vehicles |

Saazgar Received Category ‘A’ Award for the Manufacturing of Off-Road & Passenger Vehicles

Saazgar Engineering Works Ltd is local manufacturer based in Lahore. The company manufactures auto rickshaws and automotive wheel rims. Recently, the company received permission to increase their production. This increase in producing vehicles and transports will particularly remain valid to light commercial vehicles. This means that Saazgar as a company can produce passenger vehicles and off-road vehicles. On the other hand, it’s been brought into consideration by Saazgar that they have received an excellence award. This award has been granted to the company by Ministry of Production and Industries of Pakistan. They have received Category A award for the manufacturing of off-road and passenger vehicles.

Moreover, it is quite fortunate to see that the industrial sector of the country is developing quite well.  In January, 218 the company Saazgar got approved the bill of PKR.1.76 billion. This bill is approved with intentions to expand their business and invest the amount in the company. The company will be developing four-wheel assembly plant which is expected to have the capacity to produce 24000units each year. Saazgar, as a company did, had expansion plans for quite a long time. Earlier last year on May 11, 2017, the company planned on entering the assembly and manufacturing side. The aim to enter this domain was to boost their sale for light commercial vehicles in the region, gaining investment from Greenfield Investment Category. These new products both off-road and commercial vehicles will be marketed and will be labeled under the new name “BAIC”. The company does not plan on marketing these vehicles under their previous name of Saazgar.

BAIC Group of companies is originally Chinese based. They have been in the business for quite a long time, dating back to 1988. The company is known for manufacturing and selling passenger vehicles in China.  The company also have a number of subsidiaries under its name label. The company manufactures a range of products including passenger cars. These passenger cars are manufactured in the vast range including sedans, SUV, CUV, MPC as well as new energy vehicles. Other than manufacturing passenger vehicles, they also produce engines, automobile parts, and components along with powertrains.

All these products are sold under numerous names including  Beijing Benz, Beijing Brand, and Beijing  Hyundai.One of the other names includes Fujian Benz. The company, BAIC have an agreement of strategic cooperation with Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Company Limited. Whereas Saazgar is one of the premium brands of 4-stroke autorickshaws as well as wheel rims. The company has a plant in Pakistan and they are global dealers worldwide. Saazgar has managed to completely captivate and hold the market of Pakistan in the category of an autorickshaw. The company is also exporting their products to other parts of the world.