Importance of Safety Gears for Motorcycle Riding |

Importance of Safety Gears for Motorcycle Riding

Safety gear is one of the most important and the most overlooked aspects of motorcycling. Riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous, and motorbike accidents are one of the leading causes of deaths in Pakistan. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Daily, (NHTSA) reveals that motorbikes are 33 times more vulnerable to accidents compared to all other vehicles. Daily, 150 people visit the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre alone for treatment of motorbike-related injuries.

There is a famous saying in motorbike culture,” There are two types of riders: those who have crashed, and those who haven’t crashed yet.” Contrary to this cliché, you can enjoy riding without any fear provided if you put proper gears on your body. Though safety gears feel cumbersome, awkward, and intrusive, the truth is that it’s also the only thing that will protect you from road accidents.

Thanks to the internet, you now have the facility to order everything such as helmets, lubricants, and tires online and get them delivered to your door. If you are concerned about your safety here’s a head to toe breakdown of all the necessary safety equipment that you just put on every time you ride a motorbike.


Putting helmets on is not just a good idea, but is mandatory for riders and is required by law. Helmets are arguably the essential item of the safety gears and riders who don’t wear helmets have a higher chance of fatal injuries in road accidents. The 2015 United States Department of Transportation report reveals that nearly all bicyclists who died in 2014, 97% were those who were not wearing the helmets.

The benefits of helmets are unquestionable. They just don’t protect our skull but provide us endless other advantages as well. The helmet also improves the comfort of the motorcycle rider by reducing the sound of air as well as it protects us from the bugs and helps you keep on focus on the road. Moreover, it minimizes the sting of wind blasting across the face and eyes.

While buying helmets, it’s a good practice to try a few and check for the size. Pick the one that perfectly sits well and doesn’t move too much in any direction, either side to side or up and down.  Also, check for the pressure points that may cause discomforts on long rough rides.

Leather Jacket

A leather biker’s jacket is one of the most important accessories when riding a motorcycle. Apart from giving a rider cool look, a good jacket also ensures protection, safety, and comfort. A good rider jacket is equipped with the right features that ensure the protection by providing a cushion to the sensitive parts of the body such as arms, back, and ribs in case you are involved in an accident. It also protects you from all the weather elements in your ride. They protect you from extreme sunlight, snow, and rain. Moreover, it makes you visible and you can easily be identified by other road users as a mature and professional rider when riding your bike.

There are a variety of jackets available; however, motorcycle jackets are classified into two major categories, i.e., Leather and textile. Leather jackets are preferred because they offer better upper body protection typically last longer and fit more closely to the body.


Hands are also one of the most fragile parts of your body and most of the times they are the first body part to touch the ground in any crash. Riders must take necessary measures to fully protect their fingers, palms, wrists and the back of your hands.  Strong, abrasion-resistant gloves act like armors for hands and protect them from major injuries. Moreover, they also protect your hands against the chilly wind in winters and also provide improved grip and control.

In Pakistan, summers can get really hot, and gloves aren’t always comfortable. Well, there are lots of ventilated gloves available. Nevertheless, gloves protect the most important part of your body, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ear Plugs

Eye protection is also an essential safety gear as it protects you from eye soaring and making tears streak down your face. Most riders prefer helmets that come with built-in eye protection, but some riders prefer to wear separate eye protection as they provide UV protection and riders can enjoy a tinted field of vision that’s removable when the sun drops.


Boots are also one of the most critical safety gears and certainly cannot be ignored. Your feet and ankles are also vulnerable in a crash, and boots keep your feet protected on a motorcycle. Without proper boots, minor accidents can result in major injuries. This is why experts suggest riding boots that come with hard soles that prevents twisting. It is a good practice to put strong heel and toe boxes as they help lock your feet in and reduce the force of impacts to those areas. Also, wear armor over the ankle and shin to protect those areas.


There is no debate in saying that motorcycle rider is prone to extreme risk and require full concentration and physical ability. Thanks to motorcycle gears. you can keep yourself safe from major injuries and gears must be the first thing you should spend money on after purchasing the motorbike.

If you are low on cash, don’t worry has got your back. You can find all the necessary safety gears as well as bike parts at an affordable cost.