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Scania Trucks Pakistan with Yousuf Dewan Group

Scania Trucks Enters in Pakistan

Swedish Company Scania now joined hands with Yousuf Dewan group in Pakistan. Scania trucks, a leading transport solution provider in the world has appointed Yousuf Dewan as its distributor to sell trucks in Pakistan. Yousuf Dewan Trucks and Bus Company, part of Dewan Mushtaq Group also engaged in the cement and sugar businesses in Pakistan. Moreover, the group is also the official and sole importer of world leading’s BMW passenger cars.

Market Situation of Pakistan

Keeping in view the CPEC project and growing demand for trucks in Pakistan. Now Scania trucks decided to enter in Pakistani market. The fierce competition with world’s renowned brands Hino, FAW, Daewoo, Hyundai, Sino, Volvo will be a challenge for the Scania trucks company

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Image Credit: Scania

Moreover the record number of trucks and buses produced i.e. 6,736 during the year 2015 – 2016. The current viable economic indicators and improved law in order situation are also the reason for foreign truck giants to invest in this lucrative market. Similarly, a German Truck giant MAN is also planning to set up its own assembling plant. Volvo is also another Swedish giant operating in Pakistan for last one decade and presently they are selling 80 trucks per year. So far they have sold 1,400 trucks in Pakistan at an annual growth rate of 20%

scania trucks
Image Credit: Scania

Yousuf Dewan Group

Yousuf Dewan Group is engage in various business activities in different sectors including Cement, Textile, Automotive, Sugar & etc. They are representing BMW cars Mitsubishi Motors and are the official distributor of BMW and Mitsubishi  in Pakistan.

At Present more than 7,000 employees are working with this group. The management of the group is optimistic to get good market share in truck industry.

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Scania Truck

 Scania Group – Market Plan in Pakistan

Tobias Ekstedt an official of Scania trucks informed that the company is focusing on selling high-end coaches in Pakistan. The group is planning to sell complete buses with the body from its assembling plants in Brazil and Europe. However, Scania trucks will consider establishing its own assembling plant in Pakistan in the future.

Scania also claims that their truck, is the most efficient fuel truck in the world, as fuel is the key expenditure of any transport company. Scania is also aiming to sell  Scania trucks to mining sector of Pakistan. However, their success mainly depends on their after sales support and their 3s network

scania trucks
Image Credit: Scania