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Scooty Revolution in Pakistan

Scooty Revolution in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country with people full of enthusiasm and excitement. Beginning from the talents of singing, poetry, business and ending up with the love of car, bike and scooty. The whole of the subcontinent is a witness that Pakistanis are actually crazy over Scooty and Bikes. Pakistani men strongly believe the statement ‘Four wheelers good, two wheels better’. Many people in Pakistan love cars but if you compare scooty and bikes to cars it’s a 70:30 ratio. Whether it’s one wheeling or turning the speedometer down, Pakistanis have mastered it in all aspects. When a mature Pakistani begins to save money, he believes buying a two wheeler is his foremost duty.

Women as Motorcyclists – The actual revolution

In a world full of men riding motorcycles it wasn’t easy for women to begin riding a two-wheeler. Currently, thousands of women are learning to ride bikes and scooty. Around the country including the less populated cities, you can see women on motorcycles. Like men, some women call this as their passion while others think it as a weapon for feminism. Helmet on, hair flowing out and in full control, you can see women on Pakistani roads. It’s a very good idea that training centers are being opened for women. Not a lot of families can afford cars or tackle the rickshaw, taxi rides. Most men are busy in offices so women have to go to the markets to fulfill their day to day requirements like grocery, food items, and sometimes outings for their little ones like parks etc.

Muslim countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia doesn’t allow females to ride bike. But in Pakistan, women stand shoulder to shoulder with men. Whether it’s sports or any other activity women never stay back. This is beneficial for the country as well as the economy. The government of Pakistan is in full favor with this act of women. On the previous women’s day, a ‘WOW’ (Women on Wheels) campaign was started. Around a hundred and fifty women participated and rode bikes and scooties around the city of Lahore. The minister of Punjab promised to distribute 1000 pink bikes and scooties amongst students. The minister referred to it as an investment with a guaranteed return.  Many women aren’t allowed to ride bikes or scooty because of others that what would others think. This is why education is important.  Lack of education amongst families is a hurdle in success.

Types of Scooty in Pakistan

The scooty business is one good business in eyes of the Pakistanis. This is because of the overuse of it throughout the country, males, and females. More business means more products, and more products mean a good variety. Same is the case here in Pakistan.  From 80cc to 250cc are scooty available. The most sold scooty are the 80 and 100cc. The famous ‘United Auto Industries Private Ltd’ is popular for these 80 and 100cc scooty. Moreover, they’ve managed to produce scooty for men as well as women. Furthermore, half of Punjab has been running United industries bikes and scooties. Therefore, it has a sweet slogan with the advertisements of the bikes ‘Ride with style’

Image Credit: United Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Amongst all the others, United Auto Industries is one of the most rapidly growing industries in such types of bikes. This industry was founded in 1999 with a vision to do technological wonders. By trust in the Almighty and extremely hard work, they’ve achieved what they had a vision for.

I hope to see that the craze of scooty never vanishes amongst the Pakistanis. Moreover, I wish to see that women will also allow doing what they will for. I hope to see that Pakistanis doing wonders and prospering.