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Shehzore ??? Hyundai vs Dewan

Recently,  Daehan Motors Co. Ltd and Dewan Motors have collaborated. Together, the companies have come up with a new model of  Shehzore. The new Shehzore is technically sound and they have made it quite attractive appearance wise. The main aim behind this new Shehzore was obviously to attract more customers. However, all these collaborations and improvement in the model might go down the drain. Particularly due to the reason that Hyundai Nishat plans onto giving good competition.

Hyundai Nishat is going to launch a pickup truck under its name.  The new pickup truck by Hyundai Nishat will be labeled as Hyundai H-100 loader. However, the company went an extra mile in criticizing Shehzore. They posted a bold statement regarding Shehroze labeling it as a fake vehicle and among one of the Chinese replicas. According to Hyundai Nishat official post, they have claimed that Daehan has copied their original model of Hyundai H-100. Therefore, the word Hyundai have been replaced by Daehan in Shehzore, now named as Daehan Shehzore. However, the post further added that the original Hyundai H-100 will be available in the market soon.

Shehzore Pickup Truck

On the other hand, previously the pickup truck, Shehzore was launched in partnership with Hyundai.  The pickup truck was popularly known as Hyundai Shehzore and it did gain immense popularity among the customers. Nevertheless, the vehicle got discontinued in 2010 and after that, there was no come back until now. It was now only that both the companies planned on to relaunching the model but under their own labels. Daehan took the cake and launched its pick up truck before the competitor Hyundai. Daehan Shehzore is still installed with  Hyundai engine but sourced from China. Whereas Hyundai H-100 will also be installed with Hyundai engine and transmission.  This does highlight the fact that the only difference between the two vehicles will be of features. Now what remains important here is that which of these trucks will be preferred by the customers in Pakistan.

The industry analyst has mentioned that Hyundai has made a commitment to Nishat for not selling any more engines to Dewan Daehan. The main reason behind this halt in the supply of engine is because Hyundai believes the company is making fake replicas. Moreover, the official partners of Hyundai in Pakistan is none other than Nishat.

This debate actually got way bitter and took an intense turn as Nishat was actually considering fighting a legally against Dewan Daehan. Nishat motors strongly believe that their original product has been copied. They also believe that Daehan Shehzore will not perform well in the market as it lacks proper research. However, it is pertinent to mention here that  Daehan company is Vietnamese. It can be said that it’s a Vietnamese product but it’s pointless to say that its Chinese replica.