Sindh Govt. Plan to Install a Tracker in Motorcycles |

Sindh Govt. is Planning to Install a Tracker in Bikes

Sindh Government Plan to install a Tracker Device in Motorcycles

The vehicles and motorcycles on the roads are increasing by the passing day. Therefore, managing them is becoming equally difficult as a result. Motorcycles are being sold every day in a large amount. As a result, managing the motorcycles has similarly become very hard.

Installing the Bike Tracker Device

As a matter of fact, Sindh govt. is planning to install tracker devices in all the bikes in Sindh. By this plan of the govt, managing the motorcycles will become easy for the authorities. It has become very important for this plan to come through.

First reason is so that they figure the number of bikes on the roads. Second is to control the sale or trade of bikes in sindh. Third is to control the crime which takes place in Sindh. As a result of this plan, the crime rate in sindh will go down a lot. Moreover, checks and balances will be kept on each and every motorcycle.

Safety & Security

Another thing which is common today is the public looting of citizens. Two people riding on the bikes come and show the gun to citizens. Furthermore, they steal the people of their belongings and speed off. If the motorcycles start getting a tracker, the people can easily catch the thieves. As a result, Sindh will become much safer than it has been ever.

Moreover, people also steal bikes and change their plates. With this plan, bike stealing will go down with a large number. Thieves will be scared before doing such crimes. Even the remote areas of Sindh like the rural areas will have a track of registered bikes. I hope this plan takes place as soon as possible. The people of Sindh really need this plan to come through.