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How to Stay Safe on a Motorbike

When it comes to bike rider, the first thing that comes to mind is how unsafe it might be, may be because of the large number of bike accidents that occur frequently. However, we can consider it as a misconception as well because riding a bike is not unsafe unless you ride it safely and properly. Accidents might occur anytime anywhere, it totally depends on us how bike rider control them & how to stay safe by the defensive riding tips.

Be As Visible As You Can

For Bike Rider, it is important to be extra visible as it might be difficult for other motorists to see them. It might be a good step to own a bike, which is bright in color or have highly visible clothing. So that other vehicles’ drivers can easily see the bike.

But most importantly the thing that should be taken care of is how bike rider positions yourself on the road. The viewing angle from inside a truck or a car is however not ideal for easily spotting bikes so it is very important for a rider that how he positions himself to be clearly visible. Hence it is essential that enough space is left for the car or the truck in front to see a bike rider. Keep in mind, for buses, coaches, and trucks, that if you cannot see their side mirrors they cannot see your motorcycle.

Be Extra Careful With Speed And Braking

Discussing the bike accidents and safety will be an incomplete discussion without talking about the speed and how to manage. Bike rider usually tend to bike ride at high a speed where it becomes very difficult for them to react to danger. However high speed also creates hurdle in braking at the right time which gives chance for accidents to occur easily.

The conclusion of all, the best way to avoid life-threatening accidents is to control and manage the speed.

stay safe
Stay Safe

Junctions and How They Can Be Taken Care Of

Most of the injuries caused to bike rider occur at junctions. However, speed can be the main factor which doesn’t let a rider to be defensive with the junctions properly. A bike rider should be extra careful when heading towards a junction. He should be alert with any other bike rider coming on the way. In short controlling, managing and taking care of the speed and being careful with how fast you are capable of reacting to any danger might be a major accomplishment in avoiding the scary accidents.

How To Be Careful With Overtaking

Overtaking on a bike might be much more dangerous than any other vehicle because as we discussed earlier that bike is not ideal to be spotted by other motorists. Hence a bike rider has to be extra careful when overtaking. Especially when overtaking, riders should keep in mind that the other rider might not be aware of your presence. Overtaking in speed can never be a good idea so one should be very careful with controlling the speed of course. Most importantly, a bike rider should avoid overtaking near junctions or side roads.

stay safe
Stay Safe

Riding Stay Safe Especially With Friends

Motor Bike Riding with friends is always a great fun; however with friends, one might become a bit careless and carefree. Having fun is never a bad idea but a little bit of care is always important for being safe. When riding together, riders should be careful with how they position themselves and how they control their speed. Bear in mind to avoid sharing the lanes to escape any injury. Keep your visibility maximized to avoid any life threating accident. Especially, be parallel with other riders when overtaking, near the junction or when it comes to stopping at a traffic signal.

A Confident Bike Rider Never Forgets How Vulnerable He Might Be

A confident bike rider is much likely to be safer than the arrogant one because a confident bike rider never forgets that he might be the most vulnerable motorist on the track. Yet the aggressive bike rider might not understand the vulnerability of his ride. So one should never go beyond the limits or be too fast to be controlled at the time of the collision. Be in a complete control of the ride and always be ready to avoid any danger or hazard.  We can stay safe on a motorbike by following above tips.