Super Star 70cc 2018 Price in Pakistan Specification |

Super Star 70cc 2018 Price in Pakistan

Super Star 70cc 2018 Price in Pakistan

Super start 70cc 2018 is one of the newest addition to the super star motorcycle family. The manufacturers of super star motorcycle are in business for more than two decades. Therefore, the expectations from super star 70cc 2018 model in Pakistan are sky high. Super star motorcycle company have a great reputation in the market and their products are said to be high in quality.

Other than motorcycles, Memon motors are also manufacturers of three wheelers. Super star 70cc 2018 is a sleek looking, practical bike. Available in 70cc displacement to meet the basic needs of transport. This super star motorcycle is nothing exceptional. It’s a basic bike and can work best for those who are looking for a bike to meet their transport need. This super star motorcycle can also work best for those who are buying a bike for the first time. Since its economical and have everything which one may look on a bike. Super star 70cc 2018 price in Pakistan is PKR.44000.

Moreover, the super star motorcycle is given backbone type basic frame and is sleek in shape. Adding on, super star 70cc 2018 motorcycle is available in basic red colors with unique graphics in blue and white. The handles are given good rubber grip to add convenience for the riders. The safety bar, illuminating headlights, and bright indicators all add to the cosmetic beauty of super star motorcycle. On the other hand, the shiny steel mudguards work in the favor of the bike. Protecting the engine and bike on the whole from extreme conditions. However, super star 70cc 2018 motorcycle is given analog speedometer and not digital. As well as it needs to be kick-started. super star bike 2018 new model available in Akbar road bike market Karachi.

Super Star 70cc 2018 Technical Specifications

The most important specs of any vehicle is its technical specifications. Since it speaks mile about the motorcycle. Super star 70cc 2018 motorcycle is given 4 stroke, single cylinder engine which is air cooled. Although it is said to be 70cc bike but the displacement is of 78cc. Bore and stroke are 47.0 x 41.4mm. Super star motorcycle have a compression ratio of 8:8:1. Clutch type is wet type multi-plate with 4-speed transmission. The dimensions of super star 70cc 2018 motorcycle are 1885 (lxwxh) with good ground clearance of 135mm.

Adding on, the petrol capacity of super star motorcycle is 10liters which is more than an average bike. Moreover, the most economical aspect of this bike is its mileage. Super star 70cc 2018 new model motorcycle provides an exceptional mileage of 80kmpl. As a result this bike turns out to be extremely economical. As initial cost is less, running cost is less as well the maintenance is low. Also, the bike is light in weight having dry weight of 82kgs. The size of tyre in front is 2.25-17 and the tyre at back size is 2.50-17. super star motorcycle 2018 price in Pakistan.


Super star 70cc 2018 model motorcycle is a good bike and they do offer value for money. However, there is always room for improvement. One thing the company can do is to remove the hanging wires near the engine which is giving quite an untidy look. Adding on, they should also have a proper website for the ease of consumers. Anyone who plans to buy this bike actually has to dig into in-depth research. Since the company does not have any official website. As a result, warrant o bike and where to buy this bike remains unknown. Technically super star motorcycle appears to be smooth. Furthermore, super star 70cc 2018 bike will be a smooth bike on roads as well also quite stable. Overall it’s an average bike.

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