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Super Power 125 Deluxe

super power 125 deluxe
SP 125 deluxe

Super Power 125 Deluxe Price Rs:

Image Credit: Pirani Group

Pirani Group is one of the companies which have never failed to amaze the generation of Pakistan. They come up with innovative products every now and then. Delivering not only quality and style but making these super power bikes very reasonable as compared to their competitors. The company’s one of another invention is Super power 125 deluxe new model 2018. The company made a debut of super power motorcycles in 2013 and since then there was no turning back. The company did not get too popular due to big fishes in the market. However, they did manage to occupy huge segment in the market. After Pirani group, Super Power 125 Deluxe Model 2017 is very popular among people, the 2018 Model was being looked forward to eagerly.

About the Company behind Super Power 125 Deluxe

Pirani Group of companies is among those companies which have made all the advance and imported technologies easily available. Not only for its own operations but also for its subsidiary companies. This is the reason that the motorcycles launched by the company are not only effective but efficient as well. Pirani group always focus towards meeting the increasing demand for motorcycles in the area.  Particularly the demand for transport with style among the youth. Acing the art of customer satisfaction gaining the reputation of the prestigious brand in the eyes of its consumers.

Pirani group is not among those companies which exist just to do business. They focus on delivering value for money to their customers. This is one of the major reasons that people wait for their products anxiously. The company is popular among all levels of generations but they have gained particular popularity among the youngsters. Mainly due to two reasons, they are not only providing stylish motorcycles but at an affordable price. Making it easier for the young adults to purchase the motorcycle. In future, if the spare parts are required or anything needs to be replaced. Pirani group further make things easier by locating their original dealers near you through their website.

Overview of the previous model – Super Power 125 Deluxe Model 2018

It has been observed that ever since their first super power bike launch in 2013. The company has been consistent in the launch of superpower motorcycles every year. Moreover, Super Power 125 Deluxe Model 2018 model faced huge demand by consumers as the price was as low as 75,000 Rs. The super power bikes comprised of almost all the features which a luxury brand may have. It did not only have classy ignition type C.D.I but also single cylinder engine and 4 stroke technologies. The weight of the bike was 120kgs, which makes it slightly heavy perfect for those who want sports bikes touch.

What to expect from Super Power 125 Deluxe New Model 2018

Super Power 125 Deluxe Model 2018 is certainly a deal breaker. Since it was exceptionally stylish and technology packed, it certainly raised expectations. People are now expecting the upcoming Super Power 125 Deluxe Model 2018 to be beyond imagination. They do not only want it to be chic and trendy but also packed with innovation and comfort.

Super Power 125 Deluxe Engine

Since most of the people pay major attention to the engine when buying a vehicle. Super power 125 deluxe new model 2018 engine is 4 stroke, single cylinder engine which is air cooled.  This particular specification of the engine will allow this super power bike to be suited for the roads of Pakistan. Making this bike promising enough to run smoothly on bumpy and rough roads of different areas in the region.


Super Power 125 Deluxe Features and Specifications

There will certainly be no compromise on style and comfort. However, adding on the displacement is nearly 125cc, making the power it produces fairly well. As the cc increases, the power produces by a super power bike also increases. The bore and stroke of 56.5 X 49.5mm and transmission speed 4. Furthermore, the clutch of the super power 125 deluxe is wet type multi-plate, making it convenient and maintenance free.

However, the super power 125 deluxe starting is kick start and not auto, which may not be desirable by few. At the same time, the petrol capacity is of 12litres which is a lot more than average bikes. The dry weight of the bike will be same as superpower 125 deluxe 2017 of 125kgs, making it slightly heavy. Tires at front size is 2.50-18, where the tires at back are 3.00-17. Superpower 125 deluxe frame is diamond type steel, making the weight of the frameless and easy to use. Front and rear brakes are both drums. Whereas the dimension of the bike is 2045x680x1120 with a seat height of 785mm.

 Final Verdict

Super Power 125 deluxe new model 2018 is a great hit. Due to a fact that it comprises of all the features any big brand would have on their bike. Yet at the same time, super power 125 deluxe 2018 price in Pakistan is around 75,000RS. The price is this low certainly offers value for money with great features. Although the same bike by any other big name will cost above 100,000PKR. At the same, the spare parts of the bike easy to purchase. Also, any other information regarding the super power 125 deluxe can be solved through Pirani Group website.

In conclusion, it will not be wrong to say that super power 125 deluxe is certainly the best buy. It will not only meet the need of unsteady roads in Pakistan but also, will impress friends and colleagues. Without being too heavy on the pocket. Since super power 125 deluxe is not only attractive but offers smooth ride. This beauty can easily be relied upon for long drives to different areas without being hassle for rider. Also, since the bike is from Pirani Group, quality is a promise as the company never compromises on quality. Final verdict is that this super power 125 deluxe model 2018 is certainly worth the try.

Super Power 125 Deluxe Specification

EngineSingle Cylinder,4 Stroke,air-cooledDisplacement125 CC
Bore & Stroke56.5 x 49.5Compression Ratio9.0:1
ClutchTransmission4 Speed
StartingKick StartFrame
Dimension (Lxwxh)2045x680x1120Ground Clearance175
Petrol Capacity12 LtrTyre at Front2.75- 18
Tyre at Back3.25- 18Dry Weight125 Kg