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Super Power 125

super power 125
SP 125cc

Super Power 125 Price Rs: 75,000
Image Credit: Pirani Group

Super Power 125 is a very good and decent two wheel tech. SP 125 has a 4 stroke air cooled engine. Moreover, this beast has a bore stroke of 56.5 x 49.5 (mm). Super Power 125 is a power-packed motorbike. At the same time, it has a chain driven transmission system. It has a complete package of the economy. Furthermore, it has a powerful engine and decent graphics all in one. Superpower bike has launched great models for the last 10 years. The newest motorbike model launched by them is the new model 2018 superpower 125. The previous one was superpower 125 2017. As of now, this bike is the top rank bike in the range of 125 cc bikes.

Likewise, the SuperPower motorcycles give the best features and latest tech on their bikes. Moreover, as a result of the great specs and features, people buy this bike more. Furthermore, the Super-Power 125 is an ideal motorcycle for the common man. The overall ride and drive of the Super Power is simply amazing. Since it has a great ride, as a result, it has gotten amazing sales..

Company behind the amazing Super Power 125

The superpower 125 is a product of Pirani group of companies. This firm is widely famous for the awesome products it makes. Moreover, this firm is against using cheap or bad quality materials. Therefore, their repo has been honest and great since the beginning. The group offers a broad range of items. As a result, their products are very robust and safe items. Moreover, they offer the best price and quality in their items. Hence, every other item of this company is perfect for everyday use. Pirani deals in 3 wheelers, mini cans, bikes, carry trucks, wagons, and normal trucks. Similarly, pirani offers a very good range of amazing bikes. These bikes are in the market under the name of Super Power motorcycles.

Moreover, this company is the official maker of the superpower 125. It all started 10 years back on a very tiny scale. This all was happening in a very small city of our country – Hyderabad. At this point, they did not have much growth or success. In short, they were not such a successful group. From here on, they opened their minds to great growth and success. As a result, their day and night were put in getting hundred percent. Similarly, they started working more. As a result, in 4 decades from that time, they were successful in growing their business. Presently, they have operations in different regions around the globe.

Pirani is the brain behind Super Power bikes. They have a variety of different models, including 70 cc bikes and 125 cc bikes. Moreover, this group presently has a big chunk of the market. Similarly, they have a big share of the industry. Pirani group keeps everyone happy.

 The Aim behind Super Power 125

The reason why Pirani made the super power 125 is really very simple. It is basically to give the people a better feel in an affordable price. Above all, the super power 125 gives the common people something good. And that is exactly the aim behind this bike. The superpower 125 truly satisfies the common mass of people. This group takes price in doing this and fulfilling their aim. Moreover, the group takes joy in doing so and knowing this. This 125 cc bike is very unique has attracted the youth. As a result, people get exactly what they want. Let’s take a look at the features of this wonderful bike.

super power 125
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The Super Power 125 2018 – Specs and Features

The Superpower 125 has a 4 stroke engine and air cold single cylinder. Moreover, its displacement is 125 cc. Similarly, its bore and stroke is 56.5 x 49.5 mm. Moreover, it has a 4-speed shift system. It also has a wet plate clutch type. The ignition system in the Super Power 125 is kick start. However, the frame is diamond type steel shape. Furthermore, the superpower 125 has a dimension of 2045 x 680 x 1120. Similarly, its ground clearance is 175 mm.

Moreover, the petrol tank capacity in this superpower bike is 12 liters. Furthermore, the size of its front tire is 2.50 – 18. Moreover, the size of its back wheel is of 3.00 – 17 PR. In addition to this, the dry weight of the Super Power 125 is 120 kgs. As a result, the bike is really balanced and maintained on the road. Even so, the seat of this bike is nice and soft to sit on. Therefore, it is a great factor for the rider. People are very much concerned about the fuel mileage. In short, people are also concerned about the km’s it gives. The superpower 150 is great in this area. For example, it gives at least 50 km per 1 liter.

If you compare the Superpower 125, to other 125 cc bikes in the market, this is way better. Moreover, Pirani Group has made it necessary for their bikes to be more eco-friendly than other bikes.

Final Verdict

If we talk about the motor cycles in the range of 125 cc, the super power 125 is simply the best. Having a lot many special features, super power 125 2018 price in Pakistan is just PKR 75,000. For a bike of this standard, one will easily pay this price. Moreover, this bike grabs the attention of almost every one on the road. Furthermore, the design of the super power 125 is sporty and classy both. At this point, considering all the features and specs, this bike is a beast. Its fuel mileage, bike appeal, tires, breaks and engine makes it worth buying. If I had to buy a bike in this range, Honda would be out of range. So I would definitely get this particular bike

Super Power 125 Specification

EngineSingle Cylinder,4 Stroke,air-cooledDisplacement125 CC
Bore & Stroke56.5 x 49.5Compression Ratio9.0:1
StartingKick StartFrameCradle Type
Dimension (Lxwxh)2045x680x1120Ground Clearance175
Petrol CapacityTyre at Front2.75- 18
Tyre at Back3.25- 18Dry Weight120 Kg