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Super Power Archi 150cc

super power archi 150cc
Archi 150

Super Power Archi 150cc Price Rs:

Image Credit: Pirani Group

The company Super Power Motorcycle has introduced one of its greatest models for this year.  The new model is the super power archi 150cc. As of now, the super power archi 150cc is the best in 150cc bikes in Pakistan.  Similarly, the Super Power ARCHI 150cc comes with the most innovative and latest tech, specs and the best features. Moreover, super Power ARCHI 150cc is a motor cycle which looks like a sports bike. Its performance is extra ordinary and it has gained amazing sales. The archi 150 has a 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled engine. Hence, it makes the super power archi 150cc the best and very fast.  The design of the super power archi 150cc motor cycle is smart and perfect for everyone.

Company behind the amazing Super Power Archi 150cc

The super power archi 150cc is a bike of the Pirani group of companies. Pirani group is a well-known firm which has a very good reputation since the very start. They give a very great series of durable and safe products. Moreover, their products are of top quality and economical price. Similarly, all their products like super power archi 150cc are very reliable to use. Pirani group has their operations in minivans, wagons, 3 wheelers, trucks, and carry trucks. In addition, they give a broad and amazing range of Super Power motorcycle too.

Pirani Group always strives hard to introduce new motorcycle models with latest features and technologies. So, Super Power is one of the fastest motorcycle growing brands in Pakistan introduced by Pirani Group.The group always managed to sustain their significant position in the marketplace by offering amazing motorcycles for their users. Hence, keeping their customers demand in mind the company has introduced Super Power Archi 150cc 2017 model. Super Power Archi 150cc is the most elegant motorcycle, which entertains its users. In addition to this, their attractive and aggressive feature has forced bike riders to get a ride. Furthermore, the headlights of the Superpower Archi 150cc 2017 model are designed with crystal LED. This motorcycle gives the sporty look that attracts the people towards it especially youngsters.

Earlier this model was launched in December at local hotel 2016 and introduced by Company’s Chairman Haji Younus Pirani. Later, management another ceremony in Dubai during PSL (Pakistan Super League) invited their brand ambassadors like Shahid Afridi.

Furthermore, the Pirani Group is the makers of the super power archi 150cc. Actually; they took a start of their firm on a small scale in Hyderabad. By this, they were not so big. The growth seen by Pirani Group in a short time inspired them. As a result, they started working more and it gave them the power to go further. From here on, they did very hard work and put great effort in their firm. Soon, in the coming 40 years, they expanded their business across the borders and are doing great.

Pirani Group is the owner of Super Power Motorcycle, including the super power archi 150 cc. They are also the owners of other super power 2017 models. Moreover, they also enjoy a great big market share of the bike industry. This group keeps the society, the stake holders, and the biker community very happy. As a result, each and everyone respects the effort and products of this group. Moreover, this group, even so, makes scooties, power trucks, commercial rickshaws, and tractors. Furthermore, they make mini trucks and also spare parts of these automobiles. The bike range of this group includes; Super Power Archi 150 cc, Super Power Euro 2 70CC, and super power cheetah 110.

The Aim behind Super Power Archi 150cc

The core aim of making the great super power archi 150 is simply to give the customers something truly great. The archi 150 is the proper bike which actually satisfies the people. Pirani group is very happy in doing so. Moreover, they take pleasure and pride in knowing they do this. On the other hand, the super power motorcycle targets other than just the riders. The Super power archi 150 cc has a sporty design which youth really wants these days. Therefore, people love it and appreciate it, and it has won the hearts of the people. This is possible since people get a bike which gives them value for money.

Moreover, super power archi 150cc has a making process which involves the best labor, machines, and materials in the market. As a result, the bikes they make are truly of amazing high quality.

super power archi 150
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Features of Super Power Archi 150

When talking about the features of the super power archi 150, they are simply amazing. The super power archi 150cc comes with much action packed features. The super power archi 150 cc has a wolf eyed head lamp which makes it amazing in design. Moreover, the super power archi 150cc has a front disk brake, making it super safe. Furthermore, it has an engine kill switch. Next, it has powerful shocks making every ride less bumpy. The super power archi 150cc has a very comfortable seat. As a result, the long rides are easily covered with comfort. The super power archi 150cc even has a huge fuel tank capacity of 15 liters. Hence, the fuel mileage of the super power archi 150cc is great. Furthermore, the super power archi 150cc has a very sleek and sporty design with latest graphics.

The Super Power Archi 150 cc 2017 model is 4 stroke single cylinder with the air-cooled engine feature. So it is designed in a way that it can be comfortable and smooth for long rides. Furthermore, it has comfortable seats and absorber shocks. Similarly, it will not be unfair to state that the Super Power Archi 150cc 2017 model offers all the specifications matching to the latest technology. In addition to this, Power Archi 150cc petrol capacity is more than any other SP model i.e.; 15 Liter.

In addition to this, the super power archi 150cc has attractive features which force the people to buy it. Furthermore, the head lights of the Superpower Archi 150cc have crystal LED in them. The power archi 150cc gives a sporty look which is the main reason why people like it.

Super Power Archi 150cc Specs:

The super power archi 150 has a top speed of 100 km per hour, which is great and super fast. The bore of the super power archi 150cc is 62 x 49.9mm. Moreover, the consumption is 35-45 km. The fuel type of the archi 150 is petrol and its oil sump capacity is 1 litre. The brakes of the power archi 150cc are hydraulic.  Moreover, the super power archi 150cc has a 5-speed transmission.

Furthermore, it has a self-start and kick start system both. Other than that, the clutch system is wet multi-disc plate. The total length of the super power archi 150cc is 1990mm. Moreover, the total width of the super power archi 150cc is 785mm. As a result, the max height of the power archi 150cc is 1050mm. The wheelbase of the super power arch 150cc is 1290mm, whereas the dry weight of the bike is 150kg.

Final Verdict

Super power archi 150cc is truly a step ahead of its competitors for many reasons. The super power archi comes with Chinese tech and a sporty modern shape. It has a decent exhaust sound, good mileage and a stylish body. The super power archi 1500cc price in Pakistan is Rs. 140,000 Rs only. For a new 150cc bike, this price is very good.


Super power Archi 150cc Specification

EngineSingle cylinder 4-stoke air cooledDisplacement150 CC
Bore & Stroke62×49.9mmCompression Ratio
ClutchWet Multi Disc PlateTransmission5 Speed
StartingKick / Self StarterFrame
Dimension (Lxwxh)1990x785x1050 mmGround Clearance
Petrol Capacity15 LtrTyre at Front
Tyre at BackDry Weight